BIONICLE G1 Canon Contests Discussion & Questions

I wouldn’t rule out any other contests this year. We don’t have a 6 month long debate session that needs to happen for Tuyet. The infrastructure is already there and good to go. It’s just a matter of finding any quote which will help out entrants.

So while I won’t say “Yeah, Tuyet will start this year,” I wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility.


good news

But I thought that for that to be possible, the hagah art contest might have to be little short.


It might be a couple more months, but we’ve still got four months left in the year.


is Tuyet a Metru build? Go!


You,You’re so…

Of course, we know, there will be no discussion about METRU
because he has already said that there will be no Metru restrictions in the future.

Oh, uh, I’d been meaning to bring this up. As a suggestion, I think it could potentially be a pretty good idea to recruit some members of the boards - specifically the really lore-oriented ones - to help look through all the source materials and gregarchives quotes. It could be a major time- and effort-saver on yours/Meso’s part, and it’d also increase the level of activity the community can take in setting up the contests, which (I’d) foresee as being a generally positive thing.


I can agree with this. We’ve seen stuff like the dark blue Helryx slip through the cracks before

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Totally down for it. Until then, people are welcome to do that now, and alert us so we have it on file. We can bookmark that stuff and have it ready when it’s time to go. Now would be a good time for it, since it’s up next but we have quite a few weeks left with the Hagah.



Frick, where did this year go?

In that case, there was this topic a couple months ago that has some relevant Greg Answers in it. It’s a start, anyways.


What do you guys think would be the best color scheme for Tuyet?

I think most people definitely picture a main color of Metru blue and any metallic armor being primarily gunmetal with a mixture of silver/gunmetal weapons.

What of secondary? I’ve heard/seen all metru blue, seen a lot of black, and a handful of lightblue/mata blue.

*Also I have this idea that I know that others may dislike, but I’ve pictured Tuyet having a secondary color of purple. This idea just makes sense to me because I feel like it would work with the persona of Tuyet, kind of as an association to the self-perceived regality and pompousness.



I think any combination of: dark bluescale color, (so in LEGO terms Metru blue or purple), gunmetal or silver, and some black, are all acceptable options, and the most likely to be used in most entries. I’d definitely be down for more unique takes, though.


I am new to the contests, so sorry if this is sounds ignorant but did Lego ever make bronze Bionicle pieces? I would love to see the Hagah be 2-2-2, Gold-Silver-Bronze. Kualus being bronze would avoid him looking like a standard Toa of Ice or a Toa of Light.

Hey this may be a dumb question but forgive me if I didn’t know. Did Perp3tual ever have a physical example for Pouks outside of the artwork? It’s kind of hard to see what Pouks looks like with his entry so I was curious.

Here. I already posted pictures for these on each poll.

And here’s reference for the masks. The dark grey one belongs to Pouks.


Okay I admit those are pretty cool looking. I’ll have to find the image of Bomonga if there is one as well.

Here’s the whole team.


Nice I really think his Bomonga and Pouks will win.

If nothing else, I really want his Kualus to win.

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Both the color scheme and the actual design of the MOC could use some refinement imo, but something like this would be cool. (I’m really hoping the MOCist reenters this for Tuyet’s contest).

They made a handful of copper pieces, notably these masks, but not much else besides, unfortunately. Ironically, the Kualus I entered for the contest was copper.

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I like the ideas you’ve mentioned, purple would be unique.
After seeing @KanohiReqi’s imagining, I think glow in the dark blue could be a fun idea if one was to use Takadox’s parts. Also the bright blue used in several Hero factory sets would go well with that.

Definitely Metru Blue and Black as a base however.

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