Canon Contest Lore Compilation: Tuyet

Alright folks, in an effort to increase the contests’ positivity ratings, as well as my ego also to help out the admins but who actually cares about that amirite this is a joke i repeat this is a joke, this topic is being set up (notice the passive voice there so that I can’t be implicated) in order to compile pertinent information regarding the upcoming canon contests. In this situation, that’s Tuyet.

This post is the original premise:

I have no clue whether or not this is going to be a single topic thing, the way the name implies, or it’ll be short enough that we can just keep it one topic for all the contests. But that doesn’t matter at the moment. What does matter if the contest at hand. So…

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Things to check would be story serials, the gregarchives, story podcasts, etc. The BS01 pages are a good place to start.

And uh, I know that a significant number of the “lore-oriented” members of the boards are in some capacity against the contests, but I’m -hoping- that that doesn’t stop them from contributing here.

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Well, for starters, there’s this post about her weapon:


Already posted this in the Canon Contest thread, but I might as well repost it here as well: the Toa Mangai’s armor might have resembled Lhikan’s:

Additionally, as recently realized in the Canon Contest thread and elsewhere in the community, Tuyet only wielded her Barbed Broadsword in Dark Mirror. It is ambiguous as to whether she wielded it in the “proper” timeline.


We know that, as of Reign of Shadows, she does not have any shards of the Nui Stone remaining in her armour:

This should go without saying, but she has (at least partially) blue armour. From Into The Darkness:

“Half buried in rubble was a Kanohi Mask of Power, one whose shape seemed vaguely familiar. Scattered nearby was blue Toa armor.”

[I know this is technically an Alternate Tuyet, but she has to have been identical to Prime Tuyet or else the duplicate plot wouldn’t have worked.]

From Reign Of Shadows:

“But it was the blue-armored female that traveled with them that most intrigued Tren Krom.”


While it is true that it’s not confirmed if she carried the Barbed broadsword in the prime reality, this ask right here implies she does.

  1. When will we find out Tuyet’s Toa tool?
    14) When she shows up in story.

It’s reading between the lines, but I feel that if he meant that we would find out Toa Empire Tuyet’s tool in-story and not… actual Tuyet, he’d’ve mentioned that.




I would like to know - is this blue armour additional armour, or her base color? Undoubtedly her base color is blue, but if the external armour is blue, we could possibly have it be metallic or some other kind of wacky shenanigan.


It’s described as “Toa Armour”, so I’m assuming that it’s referring to the armour that is part of her body.

Is there even ever an instance of a Toa who did wear additional armour over top of their natural armour?

EDIT: Yes, the Golden Armor.


Hagah did. And there were several Hagah teams.

While that was a Makuta formality, I doubt it would be restricted to only them.

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we can’t define her as evil.
she was mentally unbalanced.

nui stone and nui stone shards embedded in her armor cannot coexist.

I looked through all the Greg archives about Tuyet, and these two caught my eye.

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He asked if there was any instance of a Toa wearing external armor outside of Stars Tahu. I answered with the Hagah.

That’s as far as it went and imo it fit within the topic rules.

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that at least is left open ended by greg and open to interpretation, i’v seen others theorize that as the mangai team were recruited from different regions, they dont necessarily need to match in look/armor style

This only occurs if you click on the big embed box, and not the direct link in the text. Of course, some people remove the direct link. Actually, it seems to have fixed itself. I experienced this occurring but it’s not happening to me anymore.

It’s almost certain that, at some point, they all changed armor to look the same for team cohesion, but yes, I agree that if they’re from different regions they should look different.

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Was there clarity on which timeline/dimension of Tuyet is for the contest?

I don’t believe so. My guess is that TTV will allow either.

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Greg has gone on record saying:
*"lalajujunini wrote:
at the moment there is a canon weapon (Tuyet and a few others’ weapon) without a canon set form, producing inconsistency in MOCing, so my question is:
Could you canonize this piece as the Barbed Broadsword?

  • seen at the front of the Jetrax T6
  • poking out the front of the sides of the Thornatus V9
  • comes in 3 sets, 2 in a mettalic color and one in a not, which is both more variation and occurs in more sets that most BIONICLE weapons
  • is actually barbed, which is better that some MOC attempts
  • occurs in one very common set, and 2 pretty common ones
  • is a perfect size
  • finally offers a solution to the mystery of the missing sword.

I haven’t heard any other ideas, and so I am offering this
Tell me if you have trouble figuring out what piece i’m talking about (try google images of those sets)

Greg: I’m not doing a lot of canonization these days, particularly when it comes to weapons. It restricts the ability of artists to draw the weapon as they see it."* Chat with Greg Farshtey | Page 653


This is the answer to a different question. That chunk of answers has two "Question 1"s.

The actual exchange is:

  1. What does Tuyet’s “Barbed Broadsword” look like?
    a sword with serrated edges
    a sword with spikes coming out of the blade
    or something else?
  1. A sword with curved barbs coming out of the sides, so that when you pull it out you do more damage

Fixed the post, thanks!
Tuyet’s Mask is also recognized by both Nuju and Matoro:
“3. Why does Tuyet’s Kanohi look slightly familiar to Matoro? Was a description given to him in one of Nuju’s tales, perhaps?
3) Yes”
Official Greg Discussion | Page 235

Can’t double post so I’ll add on to my old post.
Just ran into these quotes,

*"1) How come Matoro didn’t know about Tuyet? I mean she was his guardian for a long time.
2) When Makuta mentioned her name shouldn’t he have remembered about her like Sarda did?
3) How did Makuta know about Tuyet?
4) You told Gravitan that Nuju told Matoro about the Mo Intangibility, how come he didn’t tell him about Tuyet?

  1. True, but don’t forget, when the Matoran woke up on Mata Nui, they had lost their memories of Metru Nui. All they know of Metru Nui is what Vakama told them in 2004-2005 storyline and what Matoro heard in councils. If they never discussed Tuyet on Mata Nui, Matoro would not know anything about her.
  2. No. Amnesia patients don’t automatically remember things just because someone mentions something. Also, Sarda’s amnesia was caused by trauma — Matoro’s was caused by the Matoran pods Makuta forced the population of Metru Nui into.
  3. Makuta was assigned to oversee Metru Nui for thousands of years.
  4. Would you want to repeat that story, about a Toa who went evil and had to be hauled away, especially when speaking to Matoran who need to trust Toa?"*

*" 1) Did Matoro know Tuyet when he lived on Metru Nui? I ask this because Matoro said she seemed familiar. “Half buried in rubble was a Kanohi Mask of Power, one who’s shape of which look vaguely familiar.”-Into the darkness chapter 2

  1. Matoro was a Matoran there at the time, but his memories of Metru Nui, like those of all the Matoran, are vague at best."*
    Official Greg Dialogue | Page 6

I’ll add more when I finish reading through the archive.