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I think Greg says her weapon was a broadsword because it was a broad sword as opposed to a skinny one. He wanted to get the idea across that the weapon she had was both broad and a sword.

He’s done it

He’s cracked the code


yeah, Let’s stop talking about weapon design.
This is a really useless argument.
I don’t think there’s much restriction in the Tuyet contest anyway.


Are you complaining about it for the sake of complaining?

Not every discussion has to be about rules, you know. This is a discussion about appearance contests. People should be allowed to discuss what they think these appearances should be. And they have been, throughout the entire topic.

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Blunt. I think Winger’s abstained enough from the heat of the arguments to deserve better of a retort than that.

Your point is correct, however all the vicious arguing about appearances accomplishes nothing if the end goal isn’t a rule in one direction or the other, since discussion without that goal can take place elsewhere and more civilly. Otherwise it’s an argument about who’s the most right.

People like to know what other people want to see. There’s been discussions in this topic of masks for Orde and Zaria, what colors people want to see for the Hagah, what colors people want to see for Tuyet. None of these were or ever should be rules. Relevant or not, that’s what this topic has always been: people discussing how they think these characters should look.

Yes, I was blunt in my response. Because, as has happened throughout this topic, a discussion was had on what people think characters should look like (in this case, Tuyet’s sword, which will probably be next). It was not “vicious arguing”, as you put it; both Gilahu and I calmly stated our opinions, and I left without being upset at all.

Then, Winger comes in with “since when does it matter? Are we arguing for the sake of arguing”? We weren’t even arguing. We were having a discussion on our opinions on this character’s appearance, which is the point of the Canon Contests. Not only was he complaining about a discussion this topic has been filled with, Winger’s complaints about the discussion seem to be more hostile than the discussion itself, and that’s what I reacted bluntly to. Was I wrong to reply to (percieved) negativity with my own blunt reply? Maybe. That’s part of the reason I make this post: I want to make up for it by fully explaining my issue with Winger’s posts rationally.

Second reason: I do agree that perhaps the discussion could be split. In fact, I propose this, to the moderators/Eljay and Meso: Creating a separate topic for opinions on appearances, things that don’t have to be rules, so that Eljnak don’t have to sift through it. An official, general discussion about character appearances for the contests.


And pretty much all of them, barring a couple exceptions, have turned into arguments on what works and what doesn’t. One about whether or not monochrome looks bad just ended, and much like with every other time he’s posted, Winger questioned the relevance of the entire debacle.

Can I really be blamed for calling wolf here? Consider how many times this exact scenario has preceded a knuckle-to-teeth smackdown, how many times the mods have specifically requested they stop.

It’s a legitimate question and hardly unfounded. Everyone here most likely participated in the completely meaningless arguments prior to this. And the point made right before he posted was a question phrased identically to his - a bit of a jump to assume he was speaking directly to you and Gilahu.

We are now arguing about arguing about arguing. At this point I think Winger was right. And before this goes back down that bone-melting rabbit hole of unfriendly debates this topic has taken numerous times before, I should go.

…Okay, one more thing:

That’s another topic for Eljnak to moderate, something they’ve pretty much done entirely on their own aside from threatening statements from Kini, and it’s very evident the one topic is too great of a hassle to throw another one into the mix.

You could always make a topic about general discussion for a character - maybe Tuyet since that’s the hot topic right now - and see how it goes ahead of TTV making an official one for all characters. For canon resources, Winger’s done the same thing.

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I did edit that because I realized I worded it poorly, so to be clear: I didn’t mean to say that you were wrong, just that this discussion (the one in question) was not a vicious argument. So yeah, sorry about that.

I would add a size restriction. Maybe the same as for the Hagah. No titan size Tuyet or Matoran size Tuyet.

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Pre-emptively acting like someone has the worst intentions from well-intended discussion points and meme-ing and criticizing/attempting to silence what is supposed to be a simple and light-hearted talking point to gain further insight on how to make a design the community would best agree upon isn’t anymore productive either.

If the Hagah’s spears aren’t actually spears, and Helryx’s mace isn’t actually a mace, Tuyet’s Broadsword might not be a Broadsword.

It could be one-handed, two-handed, or wrist-mounted, and it could still fit. So long as it is a blade of some broadth that has barbs.

That’s all I have to say.


I don’t think so
many Helryx MOCs were close to the size of the Warriors or Titan.

If we don’t like something too big or too small, just we don’t have to vote for it

Yes, eventually, weapon shape and size will be determined by MOC creator.

There will be no problem because it is decided by a vote whether it will be canon or not.


That is why it’s necessary a size restriction. She is a Toa not a titan. I doubt a giant Tuyet will win, but checking how past votes has ended I think at least one titan will end in the final if no size restriction is imposed. Why risk.


Past votes ended with an appropriate sized moc.

Let people vote and decide for themselves

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I like arguing (I consider it “debating”) about canon because it makes me feel like this


I think the issue’s on your end; I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m being taken to the individual posts.

(Although I guess it wouldn’t hurt to mention the post number anyways)

Is it unheard-of for me to suspend my disbelief and see a MOC and not say “Whoa. Way too big”? As long as the MOC looks good and there is a Barbed-Broadsword-Like weapon involved, I’d be cool with what size it needed to be to achieve it, within reason. As long as tall-girl Tuyet isn’t plopped next to stock best-boi Lhikan to show the difference, I have enough imagination to believe they are of similar height. Adding a height restriction to any character that inherently has no restrictions other than the arbitrary “rough toa-size (+/-)” is limiting to what can be created, especially when the build requires specific details such as sharp glowy stones imbeded into armor. Heck, every single Toa MOC I’ve made is taller than Iruini, not to reveal a personal bias or anything (yikes).


That’s not necessarily a problem. All Toa are canonically roughly the same size even though the sets are absolutely not. And we actually do have a titan Toa: '08 Takanuva, who (near as I can tell) didn’t actually canonically get bigger when he mutated, at least not enough to notice. (If there’s a Greg quote that confirms he did get taller, by all means, I’d like to see it.)

“Is it just me, or are you bigger?”
Gali, Legends 11

“But had I grown in size? Yes, I guess I had”
Takanuva’s blog

“Hey! When did you get bigger?”-Pohatu
“It’s similar to the way the Matoran of light are taller than any others we have known.” -Kopaka
Also Legends 11


He did get taller because Karda Nui makes Toa and Matoran of light naturally bigger. Thats why the matoran sets were bigger compared to Metrutoran.


He did actually get taller, as a result of the “energies” in Karda Nui. From Bionicle Legends 11: The Final Battle:


" *“What now?” asked Takanuva. *
“Well, first we –” began Pohatu. He stopped when he realized he had to look up to see the Toa of Light. “Hey! When did you get bigger?”
“Fascinating,” said Kopaka, eyeing Takanuva, who was now several inches taller than anyone else in the room. “It’s similar to the way the Matoran of Light are taller than any others we have known. Perhaps it’s this place, the energies of it, working on their unique systems.”"

Regardless, though, I agree with what you and @Barafu have said; the official models don’t exactly have the most consistent scale to start with, and this model isn’t even official. It just determines the base appearance of Tuyet, which can then be reconstructed on a smaller scale later, if desired.