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They’re also mutated, and thus not regular Toa.


I think you are missing the point of my index.

Its more of a ruler in concept than one of those star wars in canon ship scale videos. Essentially it shows the tallest toa size possible to the shortest one. In my personal opinion the ideal for a new toa build should preferrably fall between Nuparu Mahri and Onua Mata in height. However a Toa should probably be no taller than Spinner or Takanuva 08 anyway

But overall this is just a visualization of toa sizes to work with for those who want to build in scale with the sets than an exact canonical size comparison.

Tahu stars is also kind of a special case because not only is he technically still wearing his adaptive armor, its logical to assume the Ignika restored Tahu to his precannister and premata nui mata form


Will / should there be any size restrictions on future Toa contests?

The Hagah had one to keep the team cohesive, but Tuyet and Nidhiki should look somewhat cohesive in size next to the Lhikan model.


I personally feel so but I don’t know if there is a majority who wants that. A size restriction doesn’t exactly hinder creativity though. I feel like this community has proven over and over again that they can build within height limitations.

Its also kinda nice to say that well no toa is taller than Nuparu Mahri imo and it makes displaying models with each other more easily accessible.

“I’m a collector and I want my action figures to look good together on a shelf” is and has always been my main argument for restrictions in these contests. And is also probably why I can currently over look the fact that the sets aren’t completely canonically scaled to each other because they still look good together on that shelf and no major egregious size differences exist at the moment that can’t be explained by armor change, mutation or transformation. I’m probably not alone in wanting to recreate the winners either. I strongly dislike most of the Hagah but I’m gonna build them accurately either way because I’m a collector of the sets and canon toa models


Regarding Tuyet’s size, in my opinion.

Stating a height between Nuparu Mahri and Whenua Metru is probably reasonable. I’m confident that a quote regarding Tuyet’s height doesn’t exist, but on the other hand, that seems to indicates that she is not abnormally tall, nor abnormally short.

Titan Tuyet would be really cool, but if she was Titan size, I feel Takanuva, Matoro, Vezok/Reidak/Avak, or many others would have said something upon seeing her the first time. So, there is arguably canon basis for her height/size being restricted to what we understand as “standard” Toa proportions.


Well, there is Winger’s thread, though I don’t think that has any information in it that wasn’t covered in your post.

I will personally say that it’s not necessarily clear cut on whether Tuyet actually travelled with Lhikan as part of the same Toa team (and thus shared a body style):

While Lhikan’s statement in The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet, “You and I have been friends for thousands of years. We’ve traveled together, fought together, and once almost died together,” does make it seem obvious they were on the same Toa team, Tuyet herself contradicts it just couple lines later.

In explaining the Nui Stone, she says “[the Nui Stone] ended up on my home island…”, the implication being her and Lhikan come from different lands, and the area Lhikan’s team protected was not her home island. Of course, just because Lhikan and Tuyet didn’t come from the same home doesn’t mean they couldn’t of been on the same Toa team somewhere else (and thus shared a design). Yet, two paragraphs later, Tuyet claims, “Shortly after I left home to help you and the others fight the Kanohi Dragon here, a team of Dark Hunters invaded my homeland.” Not only is this doubling down on Lhikan and Tuyet being from different lands, but heavily suggests she remained in her homeland until the Kanohi Dragon incident, separated from Lhikan and his own team, and thus implying she was not on his team.

So, while Lhikan and Tuyet clearly have a history together, it’s not one necessarily from being on the same team. For all we know they were just close pen pals who had a gap year backpacking together through the universe.

I’ll also add this Greg Answer, which suggests that the Toa Mangai would have armor similar to Lhikan’s. Though I’d be remiss to not also point out that the context of the statement leaves it ambiguous as to whether this statement applies to Lhikan’s team pre-Metru Nui, or the Mangai whilst on Metru Nui.

All of which is a long way of saying :woman_shrugging:


Since that particular greg quote is in the discussion, I would like to introduce this one as early as possible:


Neither quote says anything conclusively, but greg has both stated that the mangai likely look like each other, and that they likely don’t. As a result, the canon is likely up in the air until a canon model is decided.

In my opinion.


Toa Mangai and Hagah most likely looked diffrent, based on how the Toa, if there were any, looked in the land they came from, or other wise, their imagination.

Hagah most likely looked diffrent

Dang it Greg.
Edit: not Greg

Moot point rant that's now even mooter since that isn't Greg

So does this mean that the quote that they’re all Metru builds is contradicted and therefore should not have been taken as a canon rule? This quote predates the Metru build quote, so it should take precedence. Though it does say “most likely” while the other quote is definitive. Still, imagine if the Hagah contest hadn’t mandated Mettur builds. Moot point now, I suppose.


I tried to keep that in mind with my design of Helryx. She’s not a pure metru build but is pseudo-metru. Which in my mind at least is similar-but different

At this point, lets treat it like Tahu Stars- either that really should look like a mata build, or mata builds should really look like that- and call it a day. The hagah models we have are almost certainly how they would have looked as sets regardless. Maybe in the highest plane of canon they look a little different, but what we have is fine.


The reason the Metru build rule was enforced for the Hagah is because LEGO would not have given them differing builds if they were released as a full team. It’s not just about the Greg quotes, but making the Toa Hagah as believable sets.


It’s kind of surprising. Next to Helryx, the Toa Nuva look like they hit the gym.


That and a steady diet of proteindirmis


The Greg quote is the only reason Metru Torsos were mandated. Neither Helryx nor Artakha had any restrictions requiring them to be “believable sets”. (Neither did the Hagah, for that matter: many people have pointed out that Lego probably wouldn’t have made a set with five Metru Torsos as limbs) If that was a contest rule, Nidhiki would be mandated as a Metru Build.


Is Whenua actually the shortest Toa? What about Onua Mata and Helryx?

I don’t have any sets on hand atm

Either way if there’s gonna be a height mandate I think this suggestion would work.

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Onua mata is shortest. However I think JMSOG set the bar for Whenua Metru is because the metru and inika build is closer to one another in scale then the mata and inika builds are.


According to your chart, Kongu Mahri and Helryx are both shorter than Whenua Metru.


Oh yee they aren’t they

Well I personally would say that the size limitation should be between Nuparu Mahri and Onua Mata anyway. I just tried to rationalize what JMSOG said.

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Am I missing something or is the post you shared not a Greg quote? It’s the LMBs, he posted there himself instead of users posting PMs with him. You can see a Greg post directly below it.


Shoot, you’re right, I didn’t even notice that.

Well, that kinda renders moot everything I said (mooter than it already was).

Still, though, a “reasonable to assume” shouldn’t be taken as canonical fact.

Side note: it isn’t often one sees the word “mooter”.