Bionicle G1 continuation poster

this still counts as art right?


It absolutely does. Anything that isn’t, A) Literature, B) A MOC, C) a comic, or D) a video, goes here!

Very nice!

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Looks amazing! :smile:

Amazing work with a darker tone. Are those real, scored and painted pieces, or is it just a computer render? Either way, it is incredibly impressive.

Thanks! I used a building software called studio and used its photorealistic render for this. Then I opened the render in gimp, added the text, and used the dodge and burn tool to darken the hello text just enough to give off the impression that it is gold.

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I would see a continuation of G1 story as taking place long time after the events of the original. I wouldn’t like Bionicle to repeat the error of Star Wars and screw up the previous ending by resurecting for example Teridax. Please don’t.

The idea behind it would be the Kraahkan slowly rebuilding his soul for 10,000 years but this time its not Teridax. Its a shell of what he once was containing blind hatred for the Toa not knowing why. And he wouldn’t be the main villain. Broken Makuta would be a seperate character with his own arc that follows him trying to figure who he is. Of course he ends up figuring it out but ends up dying soon after. Also this Makuta is powerless.

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I don’t really like the idea of Teridax (or some kind of his resurected version) being the around. His story is over. Also - Krakhan is lost as it was destroyed in Carda Nui when the storms started.

I never planned on making a continuation. This is just a fun little poster I made. Also that’s my headcanon so oh well.

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