Bionicle G1 sets in G3 style.

I found this youtube channel that makes G1 sets in the style of Tahu from the 90th anniversary set. Some models seem easy to reverse engineer, but others such as vehicles or larger sets are very hard to reverse engineer. If you can manage to do it, please share the link so I can buy on bricklink.

Here is the channel.


The accuracy on some of these is really impressive, though they’re a bit overdesigned compared to the original “G3” Tahu.

This version of buonicle sucks. You can’t do anything with them. It’s basically if g1 transformers had a g1(so it’s the old style of the old style(in layman’s terms it sucks))

In fairness, this was never meant to be a “version of BIONICLE”, just a one-off build celebrating the theme in a limited parts pack. People do seem to be inspired by it enough to invigorate interest in similar builds, which is good.