BIONICLE G1 Story: Need a couple people who know it well.

Hello, friends! Looking to wrap up the Bionicle G1 story in a way that ties off loose ends and resolves everything in (hopefully) a peaceable way while not contradicting the G1 story. So…I need a couple people that have have read the story serials, followed at least a majority of the Bionicle G1 story, and know enough to help pluck out discrepancies in what I’m writing. I decided to take up this project because I was bored, I like writing, and decided the unfinished G1 story would be fun to wrap up.

So…anyone wanna help me out? :smiley:


what if the local star goes nova, and kills everyone?

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Sure. What exactly would I need to do?

Well, here are a couple of loose plot threads that have yet to be tied up;

-Takanuva’s Destiny, involving his role in a Great Beings’ War that Velika intends to start
-Marendar, a Toa-killing machine now on the loose
-The Shadowed One is leading the Dark Hunters and other remnants and is armed with Kojol’s viruses
-The Barraki are now amphibious, back in their original forms, AND have their armies. Although Takadox is on his own and on the run, Pridak has basically achieved the goal he had at the end of 07.
-Atakus, Kabrua, and Perditus are agents of Velika
-Velika is trying to blow up a fortress with the Cursed Being, Helryx, and others inside; Likewise, Tuyet has the Nui Stone
-Lewa is cornered by a bunch of Agori Luddites
-Kopaka and Pohatu are on the Red Star with Mavrah, and are about to participate in a ‘Red Star Zombie story’; Likewise, we don’t know why it was broken, and Gaardus is on the loose
-Chiara, Zaria, Orde, and Gelu are being hunted down by Kabrua, who has a device designed to disable Toa powers. Likewise, Orde knows at least some parts of Velika’s plans
-The Toa Mahri have yet to reunite with Gaaki and abandon the Skakdi
-The Golden Skinned Being is roaming and about
-Metus, Ahkmou, and Tuma are out there somewhere
-Krakua is meant to be the lone hero of a besieged island fortress
-Part of Velika’s plan is to kill all of the powerful beings who can oppose him
-Alternate Teridax and Mazeka are up and about
-Several Dark Hunters have unresolved plot threads (such as Mimic finding his friend, the secrets in Minion’s mind, Tyrant’s return, Vengeance’s revenge on Mata Nui -since he killed Teridax-, Seeker retrieving the Avohkii, Amphibax hasn’t reunited with Ehlek, Conjurer is still in his coma, we don’t know where Devastator and Ravager came from, etc.)
-Voporak has his hands on the VAHI, Mask of Time
-Lesovikk is suspected or murdering Karzahni, and though we know the truth it hasn’t been spread yet
-There are still a few Shadow Takanuva mucking about
-The Ignika is being safe-guarded somewhere, and on a lesser note Umbra plans to continue guarding it as always
-The GSR is being dismantled to make new homes, and various beings are migrating out onto Spherus Magna
-The Sisters of the Skrall likely know the truth of Annona and are a loose thread
-Baterra are still hanging around, but now that Tuma and Metus know the truth, it’s likely one of them will mention it in order to save themselves and use it as a bargaining chip
-There are still Wild Rahkshi and Visorak
-Dekar may or may not have realized the truth of his origins and come to terms with it, and is going to become a Bounty Hunter
-The Pit and its prisoners are being moved out, with Maxilos and Glatorian to guard it
-The Element Lords are on the loose, alongside other villains and criminals such as Fero, Stronius, Branar, Malum, etc.
-The Bohrok may or may not be reprogrammed to help the Spherus Magna society
-The Earth Tribe is still plotting, and plan to cause disorder in the new society to save their hides

There are probably some others I missed out on, so let me see if I can figure them out.


Yes, I.

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Well, as someone who is writing his own ending to the G1 story (Coming this Summer, TTV! :stuck_out_tongue:), I would advise that you acquaint yourself with BIONICLESector01, if you haven’t already–it’s the best database for G1 and G2 info that you can find, and it’ll give you more info than most people could come up with offhand.

Secondly, since this is going to be your version of G1’s ending, don’t get too tied up in sticking to every little canon detail. You’re going to find that a lot of small details in the canon might get in the way of what you want to do story-wise, and making a few tiny retcons for the sake of your story is better than doing something you don’t want to do.

Finally, and this is probably most important of all, have fun with it, and make it your own! Asking for advice is a great idea, but you should also think about what you want to see in your story, because in the end, you–as the writer–are writing as much for yourself as anybody else!

Good luck!


@JediTimeLord824 I would share my current work with you every so often (Google Docs?) And my hope was you could help me spot discrepancies, if I manage to create one

@Toa_Heatwave Heheh. Thank you :smiley:
Maybe we could do a collaboration some time? I mean, alternate universes being a thing and all XD

@Toa_Vladin Thank you, good sir! Do you use Google Docs?

@Sepublic22 Thanks for the list–this will really help in throwing twists and turns into the plot :smiley:

@Ace Hahh… plot twist for the win XD

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You seem to already be sorted, but if you do need help I’d be hapy to lend a hand. If not I’m still interested in knowing how the story is progressing.

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I’d love to have as much help as I can get! Do you use Google Docs?

Nope; but I have a Google account so I could use it.

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If you’re still looking for help I’d love to; I do use Google Drive.

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@jayzor17 @ToaKhrazix Wonderful! My email is Feel free to email me, then we’ll go from there :smiley:

Oh I got this I’ve memorized everything by heart.

What do you want?

I just want my writing combed for discrepancies is all. Feel free to email me so I can send you what I have so far (my email is in a comment above)

Just want to point out that they are free from GSB’s brainwashing now, thanks to Annona.



They are??
Oh, wait, Sahmad and the temporary world without dreams, yeah?

I know. When I say “get away,” I mean escape, because regardless of what happened with Annona, the skakdi aren’t going to let their slaves free without a fight.

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No, but you can make a a message with what do you want, my sir.

Wait, so if we email you we can have a look at the story? Because I’d like to give it a read myself.

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I would love to be a part of this! Let me know what I can help out with!

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