BIONICLE G1 Toa Color Guide?

Hey y'all! I was wondering if anybody knows the commonly accepted rules when it comes to Toa Element/colour (especially the more obscure ones. IE: What colour should a Toa of Magnetism be? Or a Toa of Plasma?

I believe Biosector lists the colors known for each element.


Electricity: White and blue
Sound: white and silver
Magnetism: Gunmetal grey and black
Plasma: orange and white
Gravity: black and purple
Plantlife: green and blue
Psionics: blue and gold
Iron: black and silver
Shadow: black and some other colour
Light: any colors, but usually white and gold/yellow

Fire, Ice, Water, Stone, earth, and air are simply red, white, blue, brown/orange/yellow, and green, respectively, with similar colors, i.e. a Toa of Fire could be red and orange.
Hope this helps.


Darn, I guess the dark red and black Toa I'm trying to create a back story for doesn't really correspond to any known element...

:stuck_out_tongue: there ya go

@Willess12 is slightly misinformed.

Black is also a color that can be attributed to fire toa.

Albeit more minor than red, orange, or yellow.


Not misinformed. Just not thinking of that when I made the post. I was literally just about to say the same thing.

Red and black works for a toa of fire.
Look at Dume.


Yep... I don't recall anything about De-Toa being white, and I'm pretty sure Fe-Toa could have orange or bronze as a minor secondary color.
There were a few posts I saw on tumblr where people were creating different color schemes for the elements, and that project was fantastic, but I can't seem to find it again. If I do, I'll post here.


I was about to make another post giving an accurate whatever, but was too lazy.

De-Toa are Grey and silver, IIRC, and Fe-Toa could have burnt Orange, last I checked. In addition to gunmetals, silvers, and greys. >.>

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Here's a quick photo of the guy who inspired me to make this topic. I still can't decide what element this Toa should be. Any suggestions? (BTW, name ideas would also be appreciated smiley)

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Gravity maybe? I'm not really thinking of any good names for it at the moment though.


Something to start with a V.

Looks to me like Shadow or maybe even Gravity.


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Can't think of a name right now, but he looks like a Toa of Fire or a Toa of Fire, that was turned into a Toa of Shadow (They keep their former primary colour as secondary colour).
Btw, this is one of the best Metru builds I have ever seen.