Bionicle G2 AU Toa Uniters Group Shot

Here's a quick glance of my current Toa project. Bionicle Distorted Destiny is a currently very rough idea of mine; a character swap canon and the ramifications of such. I previously showed off my Onua and an early Pohatu, but I wanted to show a group shot since the characters are close to or are complete. Onua and Lewa are the only two still work in progress, but the Tahu, Kopaka, Gali and Pohatu are virtually complete.


these mods look p legit
good job my pal :+1:

rip pohatu

Interesting.. I like your MODs.

Pretty good, my only advice is to move the piston add-ons on tahu's arms down to his lower arm to better balance the gold, as it is there's a massive block of red on either side of him and it looks off.

My only concern is kopaka's mask, it breaks the color scheme

I like them, but I think that their chest armor are too far away by their bodies. Their chins can enter in their chest!

Push their stomachs in and you'll be good to go.