Bionicle G2 Continuation PT 2

Bionicle G2 continuation PT 2

Kopaka awoke in with fright, and
immediately started to scan the landscape. He noticed movement a little far
off. Using his zoom lens on his mask he was able to make out that the movement
was from a bunch of people advancing towards him. His first instinct was to
draw his sword and shield in defence, but upon closer inspection he noticed
they meant him no harm. One of them seemed to be the leader of the group. His
age showing in his armor. Lots of dings and scratches to show off how
experienced and old he was.

“Hello Kopaka”, said the old man.
“My name is Nartuo. We have summoned you here because we need your help. Our
planet is dying. Its life force is being drained by a being not from this
world. A being who calls herself Makuta”. The rest of the people flinch at the
mention of that name. In the midst of the silence a small beeping can be heard.
The old man picks up a communicator from his belt. “Crashed!.. Ok………
Where are his pieces?.. Ok………. Yes he is here……… Ok, we are on our way.”
“What’s going on?” asked Kopaka. “Your friend Pohatu’s canister crashed and his
pieces have been scattered.” Said the old man. Kopaka rushes with the crowd to
the place of impact.

Tahu and Gali are already at the
scene along with many other villagers, and what looks like a squad of police
investigating the crashed canister. “This is horrible” says Gali, “How could
his canister have crashed? They were all checked before we left.” She says
worryingly. “I think I can answer that question ma’am.” Says one of the police.
“It seems like the cables connecting the thrusters have been cut. There is no
other way to say this but I think it was sabotage” he says. He holds up the
cables for all to see and they have been cut, straight and precise. “But who
would want to hurt Pohatu,” says a newly arrived Lewa. “I don’t know,” says
Tahu. “But whoever did is gonna pay.” He clenches his fist in anger.

As Gali tries to calm him down,
Onua arrive, holding Pohatu’s left arm. “Why is this not attached to someone?”
once Kopaka explains everything to Onua, the Toa decide to go search for the
pieces of their fallen brother. They decide to split and search for Pohatu.
Gali and Onua, Kopaka and Tahu, and Lewa took to the skies. Each of them accompanied by their village
elder and some police. Save for Lewa, because he is in the air.

On their search, Kopaka asked the
question that was on all of the Toa’s mind. “Where are the villages?” he asked
Nartuo. “We believe in a mixed society” says Nartuo. “We live in one big city,
all the elements together working in perfect harmony. I say, the police haven’t had to work this
hard in a very long time. But once this evil doer showed up, things have been
very different. She has enslaved many of our people and most who go to rescue
them never come back.” Kopaka and Tahu process this. “Well don’t worry” says
Tahu. “We will get them back for you.”

The rest of the trek is mostly
quiet. No pieces found of their brother Pohatu. Suddenly the police
accompanying them freeze and draw their weapons. Tahu and Kopaka, not knowing
what to expect, do the same. Suddenly a beast emerges from within the trees,
with gnashing teeth, sharp spikes, vicious claws and a clubbed tail. Its size
greatly dwarfs the Toa. But they are prepared as ever. They both split and try
to flank the beast, but they didn’t anticipate its tail. Tahu is knocked back
hard by the tail and slams into a tree. While Kopaka dodges a swing but is met
by a claw of the beast. The force of the impact knocks him out for a few
seconds. When he comes around, the creature is right above him, ready to
strike, but Tahu leaps on to the creatures back and starts to wrestle with it. He
notices a weak spot in its armor and plunges his staff in it. The creature lets
out a painful howl and runs off.

Tahu helps Kopaka to his feet. “Thanks”
says Kopaka. “Wait! Did you just thank me?” asked Tahu. “Don’t get used to it”
Replies Kopaka. “What was that….thing?” “That was a shadow beast,” says the
fire elder, Dormuto. “They started showing up when Makuta showed up, rampaging
over whatever they could see. And whomever got in there way would be dealt
with. You are the first people to actually defeat one. How?” “Well I noticed a
weak spot in its armor so I poked at it. Noting special” Tahu boasted. Very proud
to be the first. Kopaka just rolled his eyes and they continued on their trek.

Gali and Onua split off from
their group of police, believing they could cover more ground in their search. They
didn’t talk much. They were too busy searching for their brother. “Wait!” cried
Onua. They stopped as he knelt down to pick up the right arm he almost stepped
on. “Well that was easy” he exclaimed. “It’s never this easy.” Said Gali,
worryingly. As they continued their trek they didn’t notice a pair of red eyes
watching them from the trees. Red eyes glooming with hatred. They watched the
Toa leave the clearing and it moved on.

Lewa was high in the air. The one
place he loves to be. His new mask has the ability to give him eagle eye vision
where he can see everything as if it were in front of his face, but when he is
60 feet in the air. As he is flying by he sees a flock of birds. So, Lewa being
Lewa, joins the flock. About five minutes later the birds all let out worrying
cries and scatter, leaving a curious Lewa. He scans the skies and notices an object
traveling fast towards him. Using his new mask, he zooms in to see what it is,
and he gets scared and dives. For the thing travelling towards him, was a large
dragon-like bird. It immediately gives chase to Lewa. He flies left and right
through the trees but this thing just keeps gaining on him. Cutting down the
trees with its wings like they are butter. Lewa spots a cave and flies into it.
The dragon-bird immediately backs off and flies away. “Yeah that’s right! Guess
who is faster?.. Lewa is!” Lewa chants. Suddenly a growling noise comes from
behind him. He turns to see what it is and a giant six legged beast is
sleeping. Its black, has big claws and massive spikes on its back. Its teeth
look very sharp on its long snout. Lewa goes to leave but he notices Pohatu’s
torso at its feet. So he creeps up slowly to it. As he grabs the torso, the
creature moves and startles Lewa, who falls over and on to its tail. The creature
suddenly wakes with a fright and immediately stares at Lewa, who has already
started running. As soon as he left the cave Lewa took to the skies and stared
back at it. As the creature emerges it looks for him, and spots him in the sky.
Lewa starts to taunt it, which begins to annoy the creature. It lets out a
growl and sprouts a pair of hidden wings. This surprises Lewa greatly as he
tries to keep his distance from a gaining beast.

To be continued…………….

These characters are not mine and
are the property of Lego. All characters in this story are not being used for
profit or any other financial benefit.

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