Bionicle G2 Continuation

Following the events of Lego Bionicle, The Journey to One.
A little villager enters a large circular room. Immediately the light stones illuminate the room where she begins typing furiously on a small keypad. A faint hissing noise is heard as 6 large cylindrical shapes rise from the floor, each a different colour. Red, brown, white, blue, black, and green. She takes note of all six canisters being accounted for. She presses a big red button on her keypad and all six of the canisters open up, and six tall figures tumble out of them and on to the floor.
“Ow! You couldn’t make the floor softer this time Macku!" Says the red one, rubbing the painful spot on his head. “Sorry” she says, as the rest of the six wake up. “Yeah for once I agree with you, ow!” says the white one.
Macku helps all of them to their feet and utters the words. “Tahu, Toa of fire, Gali, Toa of water, Pohatu, Toa of stone, Lewa, Toa of air, Onua, Toa of earth, and Kopaka, Toa of ice. Welcome back to Spherus Magna.” “Next time can you make the welcome less painful?” Says Tahu, still rubbing his head. “Give it a rest Tahu, your always hot headed.” States Lewa, who has already started climbing something. “Well I am supposed to be hot headed, I’m the Toa of fire, unlike you who can’t even decide what Toa you are, air or jungle.” Growls Tahu. “Enough!” Shouts Gali. “We are all tired and we could all use some rest, so you two need to stop fighting.”
Macku leads all six of them out of the large circular room and outside. The surface of the planet is covered in greenery and life as little creatures scurry and fly by. Lewa looks up and sees a Nui-Rama fluttering by and it gives him a chill. “Those things still give me the creeps.” He says to Onua. “They aren’t all bad. Look.” Onua calls the creature down and pets it, reassuring Lewa that the creatures mean no harm. Macku leads the Group into a large temple-like structure where a small and frail man waits.
“Turaga Vakama!” They all shout in unison, all delighted to see the old man after their long journey. “You all look different” he says. “The village mask maker made us new armour to help unite with some elemental creatures so that we could battle that planets Makuta” says Pohatu, finally speaking after being woken up. “Yes, but I fear it wasn’t made to be canister proof” says Onua, as he lifts his arm to demonstrate. “It wasn’t designed for re-entry into another planet’s atmosphere, see” he says as a piece of armour falls off his arm.
“We have new armour waiting for you in the repair chamber” says Onepu, who had just walked in. “Don’t you have an Ussal crab race to win or something” Says Macku in a teasing way. “So you were successful in banishing that runaway Teridax sympathizer” States the Turaga. “Excellent. But there are still more out there and we need you well rested so that you are all in good shape to defeat another”.
“Turaga, can I speak to you for a moment.” Says a worried Onua. “What seems to be troubling you Onua?” There is a pause between the two, then Onua quietly asks “how’s Takanuva doing?” He seems to recoil a little when he says this. “He is still in an induced power down in the repair chamber” Says Vakama. “And what about the thing……y’know……the arm thing?” asks a very concerned and nervous Onua. “His limb is slowly but surely re-growing.” says a re-assuring Turaga. This seems to put Onua at ease.
The group then walks to the repair chamber where they get fitted with their new armour. Tahu having an equal balance of gold and red panels with a fire staff and a new mask similar to his old Nuva mask. Kopaka’s new armor was sleek and a balance of white and gold with a large round shield and an ice sword and a mask that had its signature zoom lens on it. Pohatu was given a nice blend of brown and silver on his armour with a pair of climbing hooks that could launch projectiles and a mask that resembles his master look. Gali’s armour resembled that of her Uniter look but with some more silver and blue and her battle axes were a perfect fit for her. Onua was given some bulky black, purple, and gold armour and his hammer seems like it will have no equal. And Lewa was given a nice blend of silver and green and his weapons greatly resemble his old air katanas.
They all enter the medical section of the repair chamber where Bohrok Va are assisting medical staff in repairing and re-furbishing people. But the Toa are here to see one person. Takanuva lies motionless on his cot hooked up to life support. With a void in his side where his arm should be. Vakama was right, his arm was slowly growing back. Slowly was an understatement though. Gali turns to Onua “It wasn’t your fault, there was nothing you could have done.” “Then why do I still feel like it is” says Onua.
The Toa are then debriefed by Turaga Vakama about their next mission to another planet plagued by Makuta teridax’s followers. And soon after they are back in the large circular room with Macku at the controls. The Toa all step into their canisters, and as Macku is preparing them for launch and getting rid of the memory whip, Tahu shouts “please make the welcome softer.” Macku promptly shuts his door. As she shuts the rest of the doors and the canisters start sliding down, a loud cracking noise is herd from Pohatu’s canister and they launch into the void of space.
On the way to this foreign planet Pohatu’s thrusters burst and as the Toa glide down to the surface Pohatu’s canister tumbles and crashes to the surface.
To Be Continued………….

These characters are not mine and are the property of Lego. All characters in this story are not being used for profit or any other financial benifit.


This is cool, but, the Toa were sent back to the stars. Maybe having them be summoned back would be better

Ok. Thanks. I’ll try to incorporate that in the next part.

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I like this concept a lot, insofar as it involves the G2 Toa possessing actual personalities; just make sure that you check your spelling, grammar and formatting. It absolutely makes a difference,

Will do :+1: doing this on a tiny phone doesn’t help. Lol

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