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I'd very much like this back... if LEGO markets it better than G2.

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oh, the hero factory line? It was alright... I'd say that g2 was a little better, just because it came with cool masks, weapons, and armor. ccbs has basically become the base for all of the build-able action figures lego has been making.

G2.... Most people consider it to be bad. But personally I think it was pretty cool. Since I only got into LEGO in 2010, Bionicle was just ending, and I actually grew up with Hero Factory instead of Bionicle. When 2014 came, Hero Factory has just ended but a few mouths later.... Look who's back! I almost completly forgot about Bionicle at that point, and when I herd that is comming back.... all my memories came back. If G2 would have not existed, I would have probably completly forgot about Bionicle.
As far as G2 itself goes, it wasn't that bad. The sets were similar to Hero Factory, so the thing I grew up with continued. The sets were pretty cool, and they were defenetly worth buying rather then other themes.
The story of G2 was not that bad. I actually enjoyed that litttle animations on the LEGO official channel with the story. I remember waiting so patiently for the next episode to come out after I watched the first.
Same can be told for 2016. The Journey to One movie was not the best, but was not a bad movie, eighter. Just the ending was bad. The rest of the movie was pretty OK.

Summing it all up, G2 was actually a good thing that LEGO has done. I enjoyed the sets, and I was happy that construction was able continue. If we would have not gotten G2, CCBS would have probably been completly dead by now. The story was not the best thing, but defenety was a good thing for kids to watch. G2 also introduced a tone of new pieces super useful for MOCs. We also got 2 mobile app games, which I had a lot of fun playing. With that being said, anyone else liked G2, or every body else hated it? Hopefully this is going to be a good discussion.

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I personally enjoyed the sets,my favourite one was umarak the hunter, but disliked everything else but the contests
As a fellow lego fan that only joined in 2010, i can inspect bionicle G2 without the veil of nostalgia
I do however feel nostalgia towards Hero factory, owning version 1.0,breakout,brain attack, and the regretful ending, invasion from below

I'm pretty sure the most contentious part of g2 was the ending, as it was mostly fine

Like most LEGO themes, G2 began as unbridled potential, they could have done anything with it. And it was insanely frustrating for me to watch as they did next to nothing, yeah, some of the sets were cool, the pieces were actually pretty awesome, but other than that...It didn't do much. I was always excited whenever we got new story content, and every time I was dissatisfied. At the time I tried convincing myself that I liked it, that it was good, buying into LEGO and the community's excuses. But looking back...yeah no, I don't like G2. It will be fondly remembered as one of the final nails in the coffin as far as trusting LEGO and actively supporting them is concerned.

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I liked the sets, but the story was way too basic for my taste.

I like G2, it wasn't perfect but I still like it.

Lolz they updated the website two years after it got cancelled:

Wasn't that post from 2 years ago?

I don't think so. And the entire layout of the site has changed so...

Yeah, the site seems to have been updated(/Downgraded) and it's in a similar shape to what the Legends of Chima page is now. Bare boned and with most of the stuff removed with only a small amount of videos, character bits and downloads left.

They must've forgotten to update the website after BIONICLE ended and decided to do it now.

I will never cease to be disappointed with how G2 was handled, will I.


It's honestly kind of sad


I did not think to see a reply to this topic so soon. Sad this had to be it.

I just get more disappointed with each passing day.


Something that probably doesn't matter in the long run but I still think is interesting about the final update is how there's a slight added detail to the familiar blurb.

"The mighty Toa fought bravely against evil for years"

We were led to believe that the entirety of G2's story took place over a couple of weeks at most, with the 2015 story leading directly into the 2016, seemingly referring to a time before that story began (G1?).

Or this is just another weird continuity error on


It’s probably referring to G1. :stuck_out_tongue: Notice it says “in this realm.” That means that G2 is done, but G3 is a possibility. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


My biggest disappointment is that it ended. That it never had the chance to go where it wanted to go and do what it wanted to do.

You can have whatever gripes you want about its execution, but I remain above all else thankful that it existed at all, and sad that it never got the chance to prove itself.


Here are my complaints about Bionicle G2:

  1. I was disappointed in the lack of mask compatibility with the G1 or Hero Factory heads.

  2. I feel that the story was really rushed and unsatisfactory, especially toward the end.

  3. This is my biggest complaint: I am extremely disappointed that we never got an official Makuta set, and I have neither the time nor resources to meticulously scour Bricklink for all the required parts, then order a custom 3D-printed mask.

Anyways, what are your own complaints about G2?


I can’t agree more. The biggest disappointment was that it ended too early… But I too am glad that it existed overall.

My biggest complaint would probably be LEGO’s lack of love and care for the theme.

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