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How are they not? I mean, you have to admit that the Speeder Bike included in 75532 is one of the best things to ever come out of constraction. And sure, the other examples that you cited from HF aren’t dead-on perfect, but they look very uniform, cohesive, and striking while being distinctly functional. They’re all that you could ask for.

This is the exact point that I’ve been trying to make. I’m glad that it sounds as though you’re kinda starting to get this.

Not trying to crush your hopes and dreams here, but there’s a better chance of it being a Galidor reboot, honestly.

Oh then I guess it explains the Monster part.
Also the reference in the Ninjago City set. Plus that one designer on twitter posting lot of weird stuff of it.

Uh, what?

titan size monster

monster= galidor

Well, with how the system has evolved throughout the years since then, I think a reboot would be kinda interesting.

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Not to be rude, but, to be totally clear; you guys are joking, right?

Since this is really starting to spiral into its own thing, it might be nice to create a separate topic for it; anyone else agree?

yes, because I, like you, dont understand what he talking about

Ninjago City set had a minifigure’s ■■■■■ printed that name on it and a sticker movie poster too.
Toothdominoes on twitter. Look after it. I believe he is even a member here.

Alright; glad that we’re on the same page.

Ninjago City has some pretty sweet Galidor easter eggs, mostly from the Comic Book guy whose name is passing me right now and the Galimeme poster.

Then there’s the hilarious Twitter account from one Mark Stafford, a LEGO designer.

Completely forgot about Toothdominoes
He has the superior account

Oh, are you talking/joking about a galidor reboot?

oh oh! how about kingdoms? 4 knights (purple, red, green, sand blue) and the king(blue) does it make sense?

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Just to be completely, irrevocably clear, @Ekimu, I was joking.

There’s no chance of it being a Galidor reboot, either. Sorry.

Yes I am joking about it. But I wouldn’t mind either Slizers or Roboriders making a return.

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Hey, no problem. It can be a little tough to tell over text.

Guys, if you’re alright with it, it would likely be a good idea to start discussing this in a new topic…

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Yes, The “2018 CCBS theme” speculation topic

As a preemptive step here…

Since the mods have previously clarified that any old user can do this, I’m going to reply as new topic over here…

That sounds good.

Go for it.

Here we are.