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This reminds me so much of the pre leaks time in 2015.

I hope this is real. It’d totally fill the bionicle-shaped hole in my bionicle-shaped heart.


bawt biarnacle neva got a carton

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well if this end up being true (which im not holding any hopes for) it would sound like LEGO might have learned something from Hero Factory and G2.

notably by having there be more small sets and few larger sets, which actually sound like it could work. Not sure if it will however.

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Nah, I’ve heard this from a few different sources, including the anon who posted this on Saturday. I don’t think that it’s llikely to be legitimate, but it’s certainly not impossible; there are definitely folks who have seen next year’s 2HY catalog at this time. Regardless, I can tell you that I would be pretty surprised if we saw “masks” in any visceral, clear sense; if this guy is for real, he was almost certainly referring to axle-connection head add-ons like HF helmets or the masks that we got in the latter days of G1.

We will be seeing Harry Potter sets, but this has been confirmed pretty extensively by others.

Based on what I know about the fellow who I think is the primary source (outside of 4chan) and the style in which this is presented, I’d say that the odds are slightly below 50/50 for this one.



Yes please.

I’m taking this information with a grain of salt.


How many of us aren’t?

I mean, that seems pretty safe to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, if this ends up being legit, I can’t even begin to imagine all the fun that we’ll have when we swing past this topic a few years later…


“Our last constraction theme rebooted a beloved theme and still failed. Let’s do something even more risky and create an entirely new constraction IP with a barebones concept and even attach a TV series to it!”

Calling bull on this one. It really doesn’t seem like the type of call they’d make at this point.

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I know that you sure as heck didn’t intend for this, but minus the “bare bones” bit, this legitimately sounds like an awesome business strategy. It’s the only logical thing to do. We have literally nothing from which we sholuld assume that such a concept should be “bare bones” - you just made that up.


Or maybe…

“Hey, the last constraction theme we did failed pretty hard. Then again, we didn’t try all that much either. How about we try again, with a new IP, and put some more effort into it.”


I’m getting a Slizers/Roboriders feel of this…

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so… 8 protectors, 2 toa, 1 stupid bike and a titan

Basing this off…

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What are ya talking about? It clearly says “stupid”. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Asriel No need to be so negative…

it’s a bike, for a ccbs figure, just look at speeda demon and furno

or we can also look at the scout trooper I didnt think about that

Okay. I looked at those kits. They look great. I’m dead serious.



great? how?

everyone has different likings, right

More like Roboriders. How cool it would be to get a reboot of that theme. I mean I never had one set from it

Yep definitely Roboriders.

That’s like exactly what they did to Hero Factory when Gen 1 ended.

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