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I suppose it’s fitting that it ends the same way it began: With random, pointless, individually harmless but collectively frustrating errors.


And much like the generation, I enjoyed it. I think it’s a fun little image to end on.

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Breaking News! Marshmallows confirmed in Bionicle G2!


Artbook Contests! They’re happening at BZP!

For the MOCists

For the Artists

For the Writers

And a raffle, cough up monies to enter, though

[BS01 is also gearing up their copies TBA]


So on Saturday I bought Uxar(my local Toys R Us still has some G2 sets).

My ToysRUs also has a lot of G2 sets still, a lot of Pohatu Uniters, Akidas, Uxars, Ketars, Skull Warriors, and Skull Bashers. I might pick up Skull Warrior eventually.

Nothing really special. Just a tiny bit more footage of the Journey to One prototype seen around the six to seven second mark. Now to actually try finding the whole thing.


Well that footage looks amazing, but what’s up with Kopaka’s (assuming it’s Kopaka) face? Maybe the creature is on him or something?

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Just a small compilation I’ve made of the footage we’ve gotten from two of Frima’s showreels. Hope someone can get in contact with them to release the full thing now that G2 is officially over.


Judging by the fire motif and the weapons, I’d say Tahu

And yeah, the face is a little weird. It almost looks like an HF 2.0 head.

If you look, you can see Ikir’s wings, so I’d say the creature is there.


I was thinking about saying Tahu because fire and the board, but the white color scheme threw me off a bit. Maybe he’s white because the model wasn’t completely finished and they hadn’t colored it in yet.

or maybe the animators later just alterd his animation model when they had to work on Journey to One.[quote=“thundermaster612, post:169, topic:31906, full:true”]
Why would Tahu be white?

look at his face, he does not have the mask of fire. Basicly what im saying is that the animators later just desited to change his animation model so they could use it for a different project, instead of throwing it away when they would work on Journey to One.

the model is Master of Fire Tahu, im surprised you guys did not realise that the “wings” were the two golden swords on Tahu Master’s back.

Why would Tahu be white?

I think it was just a “generic Bionicle placeholder”…


If they later changed it then why is it a prototype for JtO? This is before they made the series not after.

look at it in this way, They originally makes it for G2, LEGO calls up and tells them that they are going with animations instead, and then they are told to make JtO for the 2016 wave instead, plus also being told to only use the Uniter designs to promote the new sets.

I think they used the Master design because it was the best one available at the time. Or maybe it was a transition in the concept art. When they were trying to go from Master to Uniter with that. But I doubt some random company would’ve known of the Bionicle reboot before it was announced. Lego would’ve probably gone with the show instead of the animations if that had got to them first. As far as I’m concerned they didn’t have any ties with the company that made the thing before the Netflix show.

I just wanted to tell my story of G2 since the anniversary just happened.
My friend and I both had heard about bionicle coming back and we had both seen our brothers playing with bionicles from G1 and I had even gotten involved in the later years(which is why 2008 was my fav year from G1) Also keep in mind that I’m only in high school now so I was too young to even know what bionicle was when it came out. So anyways the masters came out and my friend bought Onua, Lewa, and Tahu, while I bought Gali, Pohatu (my fav) and Kopaka. We had all the toa and a blast. I watched all the animations but the skull dudes weren’t great but I still bought skull warrior. Then my friend moved away and I lost interest in bionicle, but at the end of 2016 I got back into it.
I went and tried to find new sets but it was all gone. This is where ttv came in. I watched the recent reviews to get a look at the new sets and I started listening to the podcast. Now I have listened to almost all the podcast from 90- to present. I eventually found Lewa who is awesome and uxar online but I was really happy to find pohatu and ketar. Now while I don’t think ketar is a very good set, I’m going against Var and saying I love pohatu and his 14 ton keychain. I hope to get the kopaka and melum but idk if I will.
When I heard there was a tv show, I got on netflix and watched it, and I liked it. Ttv is awesome and may bionicle live forever on it’s channel.

These are just photos I edited together from the images on

There are 2 different photos

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I don’t know if it’s worth sharing since this information isn’t really from a authentic source but from someone who posted it on 4chan:

"I’m not going in any details but I got to see some of the 2018 summer sets from the 2018 2HY catalog.
So,here are the most important things:
-No Nexo Knights summer wave which confirms the winter wave to be the last one.
>We do get Unikity sets. There are around 7-8 sets.
_What I remember I saw are a bike for the dog character,a big playset castle and some other small scenery playsets. _
>New CCBS theme! The new line is similar in its aesthetic with Bionicle and Hero Factory. It’s said to have a cartoon and app with scannable pieces. The theme is set in a computer world and we get 4 small robots “good guys” and 4 robots “bad guys”. We also get a bike,two big figures TOA size "hero and “villain” and a Titan size monster. They use a lot of new technic pieces and masks. We also have a new launcher.
This is all I got to see. Two new themes and the confirmation of the Nexo Knights ending. I heard there are also some Harry Potter and Fantastix Beasts sets in it. I can’t take any pictures and even if I would be able I wouldn’t do that to put in danger someones job. Goodbye and I hope you have a good day."



If/when Nexo Knights dies I will be happy since it means castle may return.

Also a new CCBS theme would be pretty cool, although this sounds like there won’t be much behind it… however those ‘masks’ could be useful.

Overall though not sure if I trust any of this. :stuck_out_tongue:

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