Bionicle G2 Kanohi Vahi Topic

For those of you who have read the small exert near the end of the first Bionicle 2015 graphic novel, you will remember it saying that the Kanohi Vahi (Mask of Time) in G2 is actually only the top half of a mask, or so it seems.

I think that the other segment to the new Vahi would hold resemblance to the 2004 Great Huna. Here is why:

I think it could be the Huna for two reasons. One, I think the graphic novel had a typo (which is not outlandish to assume considering two images of Narmoto portrayed him as being green) and it is meant to say that the Vahi is the bottom half instead. This would make sense because in Bionicle 2 LoMN, when Vakama wears the Vahi, he does not take off his Huna, instead he puts it on the bottom half of his face, leaving the top half exposed. Therefore, the other segment of the Vahi in G2 could very well hold resemblance to the Great Huna.The second reason is simply that it may or may not be a fun little cameo for the Huna to appear in the reboot.

In terms of actually having a physical piece, I am assuming we will eventually get the G2 Vahi, via a guide book (you know, those little plastic things at the bottom of of certain Lego visual dictionaries that hold a minifigure -- just with a mask) or maybe a semi-hard to find collectible. I think the redesign for it would be much smoother, and have the two prongs on the side so it can fit around a G2 head.

These are just my thoughts. Post yours down below.


Right now Bionicle is only scheduled for 3 years. 3 years to focus on three main masks. Creation, control, and ultimate power. I think that the developers intentionally left the Vahi vague so that it wouldn't pose much of a jarring plot hole if they intended to shut down the line at the 3 years as planned. If Bionicle ends up being wildly successful, only then will they allow the Vahi have its own story arc. Until then, I don't think much will be revealed.


I'm positive it's not a typo and that the vahi in G2 is the top half, it even specifies that the bottom half is nowhere to be scene and there's no illustrations of it

the one scene in the book is a placeholder


I wonder if the G2 Vahi (top half) will connect with the G1 Vahi (bottom half), or if they are just going to release the entire mask completed as one piece.

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MoUP = Vahi?

I may do a video on this topic, come to think of it.


I dont believe Vahi is the Mask of Ultimate Power. A G2 Avohkii would be a better MoUP.

I would rather get new versions of the top and bottom part of the Vahi since I didnt get one back in G1.


I think its more likely we'll get the following;
Winter 2017;
Makuta large Toa-sized; Mask Of Ultimate Power
Summer 2017;
Makuta Titan-sized; Mask Of Time (Upper half)
Ekimu Titan-sized; Mask Of Time (Lower half)

Something like that.

I'm expecting it'll be something like how the creature heads just rest over the normal masks.

This is what I'm expecting the MoUP to be based on, just a corrupted version or a 'Mask Of Darkness'


RoSS actually reveals this to be impossible.




Well, then again G1 was supposed to go on for 20 years (Brick by Brick). Who knows, maybe they will not go with that 3 year plan like they did not go with the 20 year plan and take G2 further.

I like the theory that @Scarilian came up with. I think the inclusion of the two parts to the Vahi coming in titan sets is cool, but two Makuta sets seems off. Who knows, maybe they will take the approach they took with titan and Toa Mata Nui.


Current storyline was scheduled for three years, line could go on after that if popular just they'd expand or do a new storyline.

In 2015's summer wave we got Ekimu in protector-scale in a set with Skull Grinder. In 2016's summer wave we are apparently getting another version of Ekimu - which I'm guessing may likely be a Toa-sized version. Either way, interested to see what they do with the line.

I believe it is the part that Ekimu put on the upper Mask of Time and see the future, including the great cataclysm. This showed that Mask of Time exists before creation of MoUP.

I guess if that's the case then I'd speculate these will be aspects of the Mask Of Time;

- One half has the ability to show the future, the other half shows the past
- One half allows to summon people from time, the other half can send people back to their own time
- One half is from G2's location, the other half is from G1's location

I have a few beliefs:

Belief #1: I believe Teridax had Vakama create the G1 Mask of Time so he could create the universe of G2. While Teridax was trapped in that crystal thing on Metru Nui, his spirit traveled to Makuta of G2. Makuta either decided that if he couldn't take over Solis Magna (the world of Bionicle G1), he could take over an alternate timeline, which he used Vakama to create when working on the G1 MoT. If theres a MoT in G1 then there must be a MoT in Okoto.

Belief #2 Kinda like Belief #1, Makuta of G2 could possibly be the reincarnation of Teridax, or possibly the Mask of Ultimate Power is the reincarnation of Teridax when Teridax tricked Vakama into creating the MoT

Belief #3: There is a Vakama of G2 that created the top half of the MoT. This version of Vakama most likely used his MoT to look at an alternate timeline (G1) and see his alternate form (G1 Vakama) complete the Mask of Time by completing the bottom half.


I think any direct connections between g1 and g2 would be unlikely, because then all the newcomers would have to go back and learn 10 years (I think it's 10, might be 9... or 11...) of Bionicle g1 for it to make sense. Lego would probably end up losing more fans than they make.

Hey looks like you DID make a new topic about it!

I definitely agree with @Scarilian and i think that it would be nice if there were some titan sets for G2. I would buy it and it would be a shame for lego to pass up that opportunity.

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I think it could be a good ending to G2... reveal a G1 connection, end the series and have fans then looking back through G1 and G2 and overall acknowledging it as a continuous storyline of some form. They wouldn't need to go back through 10 years for it to make sense, simply have One half of the G2 mask be the G1 Vahi then when they travel back through time you could have an shot of the G1 Universe. You wouldn't need to know the lore, it would just be the idea of 'oh look, they are in their own universe' for G2 fans and a nice acknowledgement of the past for the G1 fans.

Even if they are not Titan sets i still think that the G2 mask of time will be split over two sets, each set having a mask piece.

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Actually if they did bring the G1 mask of time in and continued the story after that it would be nice if they summed up G1 into an animation, therefore allowing newcomers to get a feel for what happened in G1 without having to go back and piece it together

I think everyone agrees this is what's going to happen

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I just wonder how they'll make that work setwise. I mean, since both masks will parts of a bigger mask, these two halves would have to fit together to create the said mask, but to be release seperately in set form, they both also have to be wearable masks with their own head connections.

However, we only see just one type of head, which doesn't allow two masks to be worn at the same time. So, to make that happen, they would have to:
- introduce a new head with different mask clipper function,
- a new eyestalk that allows top helmet-like connection (similar to Glatorian's head), or
- they could make a new type of mask which connect to the head though the pin that held eyestalk in place (the pin that the horns are attached to).

In any case, I'm just interested to see what they'll come up with. :grin:

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I think it might be something along the lines of the other half having a G2 mask connection point on the lower half as well as the two prongs to fit onto a G2 head, and the top half could have the two prongs that fit onto a G2 head and fit onto the bottom half as well.

Here is a very crude MS Paint interpretation of what I mean: