Bionicle G3 / Brickonicle Soundtrack In Progress

Hey everybody :slight_smile: . I`ve been a huge fan of bionicle ever since G1, and for me, the music gave the G1 movies, especially the original trilogy a huge, epic feel. This, along with the Nathan Furst interview inspired me to plan an unofficial Brickonicle soundtrack. I hope you all enjoy. So far I have 1 song finished, simply titled Brickonicle.

Brickonicle Intro Song


It’s really cool, but it doesn’t sound like a theme song to me.
It sounds more like the intro/fight in a big boss battle with Makuta.

You did a nice job though!

I’m also curious; how did you make it?


Thanks, I’ll take that into consideration. I was hesitant to call it a theme song too. I think Ill edit to call it an intro. It seems more fitting. Thanks for the suggestion :) I also plan to do a Makuta theme or fight song, and I promise, Itll be even edgier, darker, and more epic.

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Wow, I didn’t expect anyone else to be working on a soundtrack for Brickonicle! It’s a good start!
Being a composer myself, I have some constructive criticism that might help you make this better (if you don’t mind);
-While it’s ok to pay homage to Furst’s Mask of Light score, taking the exact melody doesn’t make it seem like an original composition (in fact, it might be considered plagiarism). Perhaps change the melody so it has some aspects of Furst’s, but isn’t exactly his score.
-If you really want to make it more epic sounding, you frankly have to use better sounds. It sounds like you’re using General MIDI samples, and those are kinda robotic and stiff. I suggest to at least start with Acid Pro, GarageBand or Logic Pro; their default sounds are better quality and have better control over what they can do. (Mind that they do cost money; most quality music software does)
-Play with dynamics; contrasts between soft and loud playing definitely give the piece more shape; right now it sounds stuck at this default loudness, which makes the middle section sound cluttered and confusing.
-Orchestration; when you bring in Furst’s theme, it’s played only with the strings, which makes the piece sound hollow. If you listen to the original score, there’s percussion, woodwinds, brass, even some choir sounds. It gives the piece more of a presence and epicness. It’s better in the middle section, but it still could use percussion or something to make the timing more clear and give the section more movement.

But anyways, good start! Hope to see more from you!


Thanks. Im relatively new to music, and especially composing, so any and all criticism is appreciated. I wanted to do this particular song as somewhat of a tribute to Furst and this particular melody. It always stuck with me emotionally. I plan to do more original music in more of my own style, so hopefully it will be more emotionally true and less hollow and robotic sounding. Thanks or the criticisms, really. I try to take any and all opinions into consideration, especially those of a fellow musician and composer. Im also interested in hearing your take on the Brickonicle soundtrack as well . Ill be sure to avoid reusing melodies from other songs in the future. My idea for this song was pretty rushed, so I definitely could have worked harder to make it my own. Ill also credit Nathan Furst as a direct inspiration in the description of the song.

Regardless, Cheers.

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You, sir, have your first YouTube subscriber. Keep up the good work.

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its nice… but i think it could use a little more work to clean it up, some parts didn’t click right.

it does however to me sound like the menu music or something for a Brickonicle game… sort of.

the music also reminds me of the Bionicle Heroes Website theme:

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Thanks, I actually never heard the bionicle Heroes soundtrack. Ill be sure to take more time to fix up the next song Im recording. I sort of rushed this song, I finished it all in one afternoon, lol . I`m glad you liked it :slight_smile:

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If you want to evoke a feel like Furst’s theme, look at the sheet music for it and notice patters, such as the overall descending motion of the piece and the chord progression.


I was actually working on something similar, but if we’re going to make music for it, I think it’d be suiting to write a new theme and use a different sonic palette. I’m still trying to get used to writing/producing music (I’ve only just started) so maybe I’ll put up something later just to try something out.

Also what VSTs/samples did you use?

I could use this for an upcommin project
This to me screams 90 arcade game.