Bionicle G3 logo

so, I was making a logo for brickonicle, put people say that it shouldn’t say “brickonicle”, and that it should rather be a different bionicle logo,
so this became a thing


G1&G2 colored



what version looks better?

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3

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Not a huge fan, It looks kind a greek to me. And I feel like the edges of the letters should be sharper.

that what I was going for, because @Payinku told me that G3 draws inspiration from greek and norse culture

Fair point

I guess I could make it edgier tho

looks better?

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As is the level of detail between the letters and borders clash, they need some form of detail, similar to the g2 logo.
the gold coloring looks good.
Perhaps make the borders a little thinner? They’re just a little overbearing as is.



Yeah, the smaller borders definitely look better.

I do feel like the letters should have some level of detail, like chiseled stone or similar.

I really dont know how I could make that, let me try

Maybe there’s a Photoshop filter that could work?

Idk, the lettering just looks a little too clean and almost, metallic, to me.

That looks a lot better.

alright, how about…

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Pretty close to perfect, I bet in color it looks great.


going to make a poll

I mean, unless you were to go in and do all the stone detail by hand it won’t be perfect, but I think that’s pretty close.

Personally I think it captures the spirit of the original design while becoming its own thing.

I’ll be honest, it looks virtually identical to the original logo to me. I think a different look is in order.


This, but, you just added some Greek chiseling on top that doesn’t even relate to the letters themselves.

it was suggested to me that I did that, I just do what Im told to do

Number 3 option 3 is pretty good

Option 3 looks way too much like the og logos