Bionicle G3 Lord Makuta Poster [Character][Pitch]

Hello, my real name is Red Sapphire and this is my first time posting my creation but there more where that came very soon, maybe a few months but I’ll be there all summer long, I hope you like!!!



It looks nice. What it needs is some rendering.

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If only someone can show me how to render it properly because I tried it years ago
but it looks nice and :sunglasses:

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Try It’s got a render feature embedded somewhere in there.


Yep. I use it to Render. It comes built with POVray

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My Version of Makuta Backstory:
Matuka is the Youngest Brother to his Sibling: Mata Nui, Ekimu and Tetra.

his Element was the Power to Control all Rahi and Matoran alike but now he has the Mask of Ultimate Power which corrupted him and kills her Sister, and the Elemental Gods.

He is also the Precursor of his people: The Makutan

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In my Bionicle G3 Concept for my series:

He is voiced by Johnny Young Bosch as Makuta (Past) and Darin De Paul as Lord Makuta

To my Follower, thank you liking my picture i hope I’ll make more soon