Bionicle: G4: Year 1 Episode 6: United we are powerful

Pohatu, the Toa of stone, was in Ko-Koro. He collected all of his masks. He found his last one here, so he was ready to go home. He was OK, when a giant purple serpent with two wings flied above him. The serpent had a mask on the end of his tale, and Pohatu saw that this is an infected mask.
The serpent spit a giant cantity of acid. Pohatu used his Hau to protect himself.

  • This is a pretty big snake!
    The serpent made some sort of sound and another black snake appear. And a white one. And a yellow one.
  • This are some pretty big snakes!
    Pohatu used his spear and broke the mask of the nearest serpent. After he saw that he is free, the serpent fly away. The possessed serpents attacked Pohatu. The Toa of stone used his mask of speed to broke more masks, but there appear more serpents, and more, and more. He was unnumbered. Right when he was ready to give up, a sword entered in one serpent’s mask. The serpent froze, and other snakes ran. A new figure looked at Pohatu. It was white, with an Akaku and a shield. The new man took the sword from the serpent. When he did this, the serpent became normal again and flew away.
  • Wow, nice shot! Pohatu said. Who are you?
    The stranger just looked at him and went away.
  • Hey! Hey you! You know that I have the mask of speed and that I will catch you!
    The stranger looked at him again.
  • So?
    Then he went away. Pohatu used his mask of speed and run over the stranger.
  • Who are you? Are you a Toa? What is your element? Ice, right? How many masks do you have?
    What is your favorite color? Did you met other Toa?
    The new one looked at him.
  • Are you always that annoying?
  • I am Pohatu, Toa of Stone!
    Pohatu lifted his hand. He wanted to shake new guy’s hand. Instead of doing the same, the stranger kept walking.
  • Kopaka. Ice.
  • Oh! Cool! Did you get it?
    Kopaka kept walking.
  • I already have all of my masks! How many do you need?
  • One. Pakari.
  • Of, maybe I can help you.
  • Can I choose?
  • No!
  • Then you can help me.
  • Yes!
    The two Toa were walking on the snow, looking here and there for any danger. The snowfall was stopping them to see.
  • Ah… Pohatu said. Snowfall. I can’t see anything!
    Kopaka raised his sword above his head and the snowfall stopped.
  • Wow! Pohatu said.
    Kopaka was waliking.
  • You are welcome.
  • Uhhh… Thanks?
    When the snowfall ended, they saw a big column in front if their eyes. Around the column there were six giant ice spikes. Kopaka and Pohatu went to the column and Kopaka touched the column. Then, a vision hit him.
    He saw a lot of monsters and enemies, like a big tiger like shadow who almost ate him. Then he saw himself into a new armor. He was fling. Next to him there was Pohatu and another green Toa. They were fling in a new armor too. But then a big explosion sounded in their back. Kopaka started to fly faster. Explosion’s smoke ate the green Toa. Then Pohatu too. Kopaka was scared. He flied faster, and faster, but then he didn’t see anything anymore.
    When he opened his eyes, he saw Pohatu looking at him.
  • Are you OK?
    He was scared, but he didn’t want the Toa of Stone to know this.
  • Yes. Good, because we need to take your mask.
    Kopaka looked at the column.
  • It is on the coooooooooluuuuuuuuuuu…
    A giant strike kicked Pohatu and threw it some miles away. It was the most powerfull Rahi who lived in Ko-Wahi, a Muaka. Above the giant tiger like creature there were five Acid Snakes. Wait, he saw this scene before, in his vision! The Tiger shadow who almost ate him. It was the Muaka! Kopaka was scared, but he knew he needed to defeat the beast, so he used his Miru to fly above the Muaka and broke one snake’s mask. The snake flied away. Kopaka did the same for the other snakes. But after he finished this, the Muaka used his claw hit him that bad, that his Miru cracked. Kopaka felled on the snow. The Muaka open his mouth above him. Kopaka almost felt the sharp teeth entering in his armor, but then something hit the column and it felt on the Muaka. Kopaka looked in his left and saw Pohatu.
  • How?
  • I combined my Pakari and my Kakama and I ran in the column. Listen, pal, I know that you are a
    cool guy, but that Muaka cracked your mask and almost ate you. I defeat five Muakas in my journey to find my Hau. So you are weaker than me, or something disturbed you. Am I right?
  • Yes…
    Kopaka told Pohatu his vision. Hearing that he may die in an explosion, Pohatu said only this:
  • Oh….
  • I know.
  • No problem! I will keep the secret, but promise me that you will act like a true Toa hero, pal.
  • Ok… Pal!