Bionicle Galactic 2004 MOC'S

I have desided to upload these really, really, really old mocs I made that where standing on top of some shelves in my room for the last 12 years. But befor taking them appart and making room for new mocs I desided to take some photos of them and put it up here.

Back Story Toa
We all know what happend to the Toa Mata after they defeted the Borhok queens, but what if there destiny where changed.
This is both the orgin for Tordax the Makuta of death aka Makuta the Reaper and his starting point.
The Toa had just defeated the Borhok queens and where lowerd down into the protodermis to change into Toa Nuva’s when somthing whent wrong.
The red star passed the sun and as it did solor energy storm where sent from the sun into space and hit the red star combining with the energy inside the red star a plasma wave of cosmic energy where seent down on the Iland of Mata-nui transmutating the protodermis that the Toa where lowerd into with cosmic energy and insted transforming the Toa into Toa Galactic giving them new elemental and mask powers.

Well with all this back story of the Toa over here is the picture’s. At the end there will be a back story for Tordax as well.

Cant start showing a team of Toa’s with out starting with there leader.
Here is

Toa Galactic: Tahu

Toa Galactic: Gali

**Toa Galactic:Pohatu **

Toa Galactic: Lewa

(Remeber it being a pay geting thouse wings on him)

Toa Galactic: Onua

Toa Galactic Kopaka aka Frost
A small backstory Kopaka desided to change his name to frost after changing no one really knows why he just did (and he is camera shy so only got one picture of him :slight_smile: )

finaly Toa Galactic Takua

Back Story: Tordax The Makuta of death
Feeling this change Makuta released his Rakshi sons earlier then originaly planned and with them a new son where born as well a 7th son who desided to kill the other Rakshi and absorb them. Makuta tried to kill this monster he had created but failed and insted got defeated by him, and with his dieng breath told him gave his 7th son the name Tordax the reaper and told him that he from now on would be known as the Makuta of Death.

Well this are the Toa mocs I made 2004 are they great yes, no, maybe I dont know :slight_smile:
Well hope thouse who read the story’s enjoyed that at least.


These are very strange, they remind me of much older mocs.[quote=“KazumaDoubleIce, post:1, topic:27732”]
Well this are the Toa mocs I made 2004

That would explain it.

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Woah, that’s some pretty old school stuff. Reminds me of looking through the really old Bionicle MoCs on MoCpages…
Pohatu actually looks kinda cool. Not sure about the others, though XD…

Reminds me of the bionicle website moc pages. Really cool, man.

Almost all of them have really lanky legs…

I liked them a lot, and you kind predicted Onua’s G2 colors back in 04.


I never notice that :slight_smile:

Who would have guessed that would be the case with The Toa Mata build -_-

Anyways, for their age, these are pretty dank.

The Nuva limbs are thick enough (I’ve got no problem with the Pohatu build). Especially when the upper bodies are so bulky…

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Than why is that you say the legs are too lanky?

They are very thin and long compared to a relatively bulky torso.