Bionicle ghost

@whaddon you’ll never know mwahaha

I can’t see anything

Inb4 ghost joke


that is a Different MOC


Why don’t you just put them down somewhere, so your hands don’t cover the feet with your hands? From what I can see, it looks okay, but the head is probably empty in the back.

Is it good?

And can the first one be in a video

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Eh, doesn’t really look like a ghost IMO. I would personally call it a Jungle Warrior or something similar. As for the build itself, it’s a basic CCBS MOC with very little to differentiate it to any other model of its kind. I do like the somewhat consistent color scheme, though.

As for your photos, or should I say photo, they could use some work. I’d suggest pulling out an old white bed sheet, pull out a lamp and aim it at the MOC. If you don’t have either available, a few white pieces of paper and a flashlight pointed at it would also work. :smile:

I’m not entirely sure why this is in the same topic as your “Ghost”, since they look to be two separate MOCs. :confused:

Whaddon isn’t Venom. :laughing:


######I wish I was. reviewing Mocs. but my dream is to review Films


I am indifferent.

I made another moc check it out

Those are pretty cool looking, although, I think you try investing in a new camera. That’ll make these images look even better.


I wonder if we will ever get any more Info on this moc
by @Toa_of_red_pins
since he is back now

I can’t see it

So it’s obvious you’re
for age i rate this pretty good :smile:


At least he’s not making mocs that would make Anita Sarkeesian commit suicide. But the camera quality still looks like the camera has a cataract.

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I was expecting it to be fully transparent

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