Bionicle Great Being Concept 2.0: I Added A Cape

does it look good?


It looks great, but you can just post updates on the original topic. It's considered spam to make so many topics.


''so many''? it's just two c:

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I like the MOC, and it's upgrade, but please do as Calvatron is suggesting. Also, please make your topic titles a bit more descriptive, and make sure they follow proper title grammar (capitalizing words, etc).

Better, but I wouldn't call it 2.0. Why not 1.1 or 1.5?


i didn't put any 2.0,it was edited by @Seto_Kaiba


It need a staff and Hood...

i tried to make a hood and it didn't work

i could do a staff thought

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This guy looks fantastic! The CCBS helps him look cleaner, and the shells remind me of the shell-like mask and armor some of them wore in some pictures. It makes them look more organic. I like it!

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He looks a lot better now. Not that he looked bad. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

@helryx lol.thanks

@Chronicler thanks alot!

the head looks nice from the front, the slender silhouette is nice, though the actual construction looks messy, with open sockets and pins and axles,and it looking almost unfinished from the back, though I suppose covering most of the moc in a sheet solves that problem.

it really does look like an elite though.

cal is right, you've made a few "spammy" topics,
like this doesn't need to be another topic,
and the guardians, only the group topic was necessary considering they were a team.(and very similarly built.)


Man this site has harsh rules. making a lot of topics isn't considered spam in my book.

anyway thanks.

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^ What he said.

But if you make a MOC topic, keep in mind that you're not gonna get as much responses as you would with individual MOC topics, unless you update frequently. Consider checking out my MOC topic as an example


So out of curiosity, have you ever been on a Forum or Message Board before?

Because the way I see it: Most of your MOC topics are just more of the same.

i.e. Stuff that can be easily condensed into a single topic.

The single miniscule change like the cape would better fit in just a new post in the same topic.

Or your Toa Team thing. Whatever they were.

All three of them getting their own topics is one thing

but then having a 4th topic that's just the 3 of them together, that's a bit ridiculous and kinda pointless/spam.


I didn't say to make a moc topic,
I'm not fond of them myself, I just think he shouldn't make a half dozen topics for a single moc.

basically, what nyran said.


I feel like this song is appropriate.