Bionicle guys

A couple of weeks ago I got inspired to make a whole team for Good Guy based on his build, and I kept going and made a whole bunch more polybag style builds in a single afternoon. You may be able to spot Duracell Bad Guy here, but aside from Good Guy he’s the only other non-original guy here.

Good Team.

On that very morning I also made a version of Good Guy out of system pieces.

Good Guy faces his greatest enemy: a dark copy of himself.

And as a bonus:

Polybag Jaton.


This is epic.

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This is madness.

I love it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Force them to be canonized as Karz-Matoran :stuck_out_tongue:

I know they don’t have masks so that wouldn’t work but it’d be funny innit

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they are the best guys of all time

okay but seriously these are good polybag mocs


They’re so glad to be here.

And loved.



Love these. Good guys and bad guys are always cool!

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Too much power in these images.

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Good Guy: Into the Goodverse


Not everyday do you get to see a legend in the making.

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