Bionicle hand request

I need a hand for an art project. Could someone take a picture of one of the custom hand pieces used in the Toa Voriki MOC? I need it to be from the top-down, on a white background, pointing like this.

If anyone can do it, I’ll make some art for them.

It doesn’t need to be that piece, but it needs to be bionicle, and it needs to point.


I’m calling it. It’s memes

can you link us to the topic?

It’s not memes. It’s for school.

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k, I believe you, still need a reference picture though

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I posted this before, I don’t know why it didn’t work.

Something like these hands. It doesn’t need to be the exact pieces.

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I can try to draw a replica if you want, but for best (and fastest) results, can you take a picture that shows him pointing. Because as it stands, none of the pictures display the hands well enough or at the right angle.

'Sall good. I got it.

It seems like the ‘request’ has been fulfilled