BIONICLE: Heroes of the Stars

Hosting for @SilentMoon.

Timeless Hero Productions are currently working on the project "Bionicle: Heroes of the Stars", which is a remake of the 2015 animations. We are looking for some voice actors and a music composer! Follow the link(s) and submit your audition!

We currently need a voice for Skull Basher.

The auditions are due on 9/6/18 at 11.59 PM PST.

If you are accepted, DM me on Discord and I will give you the server link. My tag is Miraku#7099.


tactical double post

Okay, so we currently have everybody cast, so here's the lineup.

Casting/Behind the scenes work

Kopaka/Tahu/Narrator: Krexa Productions. Youtube:

Gali/ Composer: Leena.
Google +:

Pohatu/Skull Slicer: Captain Mighty. Twitter:

Promotional Consultant: Captain Barbosa.

Kulta/Narrator/Skull Basher: ARC9562 Productions. YouTube:

Lewa: @Eljay. YouTube:

Ekimu/ The Director: William McGowan. YouTube:

Co-Promotional Head: @Miraku. Youtube:

Onua: Seventh-Assasin.

Co-Promotional Head: @Bluebrick27. Twitter:

Narmoto: Blackhawk267.

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That's two positions.

Oops, forgot about that.

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