Bionicle: Heroes (?)

The MNOG playthrough with Meso and Eljay was very entertaining, and it wasn't that hard to make. It was them simply playing a game and seeing what happened.
Is there any way that we can see a Bionicle Heroes play through on the channel? I don't know what kind of recording software is needed for the PS2, but the game is quite lengthy and I enjoyed playing it as a child.

I would think it would be better/easier for them to record the PC version since the MNOG is a PC game.

I think that the next game will be MNOG II. Heroes would be a difficult one for them to play, and Eljay couldn't really be as much use as he was for MNOG as Heroes has very little story, and even the story it has isn't anything like what's canon

There was a PC version? I never knew.

I forgot there was a MNOG. Still, whenever they could, I think a playthrough of Heroes would still be enjoyable. Even though it's not story-driven and linear, the soundtrack, design and character elements were fantastic and really well thought out.

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They should played BIONICLE The Game (Gamecube Version) than BIONICLE Heroes (Gamecube Version.)

First of all, why the gamecube version of the two games? You know they are both muti-platform? Secondly, BIONICLE: the Game is WAY too difficult and frustrating. Entertaining, yes, but sometimes "difficult" does not equal "fun". Not that I hate the game myself, I just feel that it is way too hard to do a let's play on.

Just because. smile

Eljay already did a Let's Play of Bionicle: The Game, it's on our Let's Play channel

You have a Let's play channel?

Go to our main channel page and there's a link to it, pretty sure it's named nameuunavailable

I don't see it any.... oh right. You're the sarcastic one who does Invictus Analysis.
I walked right into that one

1 Like Lying and being sarcastic are two different things, on the main channel it's called our Let's Play channel

EDIT: well, it was named that, it's just nameuunavailable now

And also, actually, to correct what I just said up above, what I mean to say is there's a difference between stating inaccurate facts or trolling for humor, when I do that it's pretty blatant in my opinion that I'm joking around, outside of that I never have the intention to lie to someone.

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oh. I stand corrected
I'm sorry I doubted you

There WAS a PC release, but it was on disc xD

It was my childhood too... Ah Vezok, how long it actually took for me to get to you...


BIONICLE Heroes is like my favorite BIONICLE game... besides MNOG.

wow this topic's been dead for a year.

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