BIONICLE IGNITION 2: 3 hr 2007 adaption film

Hello all! This week I’ve finally finished my film that adapts all the 2007 story material into one comprehensive movie. Almost all of the scenes and dialogue are faithfully lifted straight from those scholastic books and online serials. I hope you enjoy, this was a fun tribute to create for a very special year to me and I’m sure to many of you as well!

I’ll include some time stamps below for those of you who would rather hop around:



3:10 Mahri Nui
14:49 Barraki
30:42 Giant Venom Eel
40:00 Scroll of Preparations

45:41 The Toa Mahri Arrive
1:17:30 Searching for the Mask

1:34:34 Dreams of Destruction and Into the Darkness Set up
1:45:48 Makuta VS Karzahni
1:50:20 DoD and ItD Wrap up
2:00:00 Panic, Hydraxon VS Nocturn, & more Toa Nuva

2:09:43 Hydraxon looses the mask, Evacuating the Matoran
2:17:17 War for the Ignika
2:30:30 Destiny[/details]

Let me know what you think of my work!


I watched this yesterday on YouTube and OMG. This was amazing in so many ways, keep up the great work man, you’re going places!


I’m only about a third of he way done watching and I already love this!

This has been on my to-watch list since I heard it was out. Can’t wait!

3/4th’s of the way through it so far, but it’s freaking great, I adore almost all the voices, I especially love Kalmah and Takadox

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I thought this movie was great! Especially in the realm of voice acting. Kalmah was especially amazing, but they were all great. I also really loved Nocturn’s voice for some reason lol

I think even though I loved it and it was made with lots of heart, some flaws should be named for the sake of future improvement.

I thought that perhaps the special effects could use a bit of work (although I will say that the whole focus changing from character to character was a good idea and gave the impression of depth), I believe something that would have helped was maybe giving the characters and objects filters to match their surroundings, so give them all a bit of a blue tint to match the ocean. Also the bubbles were weird lol.

I also think you should try experimenting with different camera angles, like low angles (I know, those are hard to do with Bionicles because of their size, but try setting them up on a table, looking up at the table with the camera and zooming in so it gives the impression of being life-size). Also, it doesn’t hurt to set your camera to macro every now and then when doing a closeup, although it isn’t a necessity.

I’m sure it couldn’t be helped, considering stop motion takes a LOT of work, but personally, I pair stop motion with 3d animation, so when a character stops moving completely for a few frames they almost look dead. A great animator once said that when in doubt, make your character blink. That way, if the character does stop moving for a bit, the blink interrupts the pause and it continues to look alive (I did notice though that you did keep characters moving by making them slightly turn in the water, so props there because I really liked that).

One last nitpick, I feel as though the plot was a bit difficult to follow sometimes. It was good overall, but the very beginning seemed to jump around a bit much.

Now that I’m done with the criticisms, let me emphasize the good parts of this movie. Like I said before, the voice acting was amazing. All of the Barraki had voices that suited their character perfectly.
The picture quality was even better this time around, and there were more physical set peices along with the green screen sets.
The revamps you did for some of the characters were good. I thought the Makuta Teridax at the very beginning was rather nice looking. The Mutant Brutaka looked great, too.

“All in all, I really loved this film, and I give it five stars”
-The New York Times


finished it, loved it

honestly the only problems I had were with some of the toa voice actors, thought everyone else was on point though

It’s pretty good. I loved it a lot

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THIS WAS AWESOME! It would be cool to do side movies, like Takadox and his federation and Tren Krom and then to do perhaps what happens to the other Barraki (EHLEK COME BACK!). Also, will you be making a movie for 2008? That would be really cool!

Man, wouldn’t that be cool

Bionicle Iliad :smile:


I…almost cried. Sounds pathetic but if you watch and listen to the story, and about Matoro, it might make you shed a few tears. Plus we never heard (as far as I remember) a lot from the Mahri after returning to land.

Dang, my childhood was awesome.

Nice job with the animations, or he*l the short in general.



I KNOW :sob:

More than that!

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But one last thing

What’s the song at 2:50:48