Bionicle Ignition #6?

While looking through the list of bionicle comics, I noticed that the sixth episode of the ignition comics seems to only exist as a PDF, and not as an actual paper thing.

So I was wondering if anyone here knows something about it and could help me solve this enigma, because I can’t find it anywhere…

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The iluminati are the only ones with a paperback copy, as they loved it so much they decided they should be the only ones able to read it./s


What, this?

Yep, it seems like there is no paper version of it.

EDIT: Meanwhile, I did some more research, and yeah, it’s just a web comic. Strange.

It does exist as a paper comic - I have it.

Or at least it exists in the German version:


Number 6 was never physically printed as a standalone comic in English - the budget for the Bionicle comic got cut and they had to publish that issue exclusively on the web instead.

A couple years later, it DID get a physical print, though - as the first chapter in The Underwater City.

I’d never seen that comic-magazine before, though! Do you have any more issues of it, @Gilahu?

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@Pereki @Gilahu thanks! That’s very interesting, I wonder why the budget got cut for the English version but not for the German one (also why cut literally the most pivotal plot point of 2006 and not some other side batte? :thinking:) …

I guess I’m going to get the graphic novel then, so I can have all the comics in paper format :stuck_out_tongue:.


I have most of those comics - they were pretty much my only source for Bionicle stuff before I learned English and could read the books :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I also have two German comic books that preceded this magazine (first issue was sold in 2003), but as far as I know the German comics were published through this magazine only after that. Don’t know for sure, though.

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Would you be willing to sell a copy of Das Geheimnis in der Tiefe? I’d love to finally see it in paper form.

I only have that one magazine, so unfortunately no.

@Gilahu I understand completely. If you ever change your mind or come across a second, please let me know.

Maybe give us scans in a pdf? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi, I know this is a super old thread, but this is not the issue the original question was about. The original question was in search of Bionicle IGNITION Issue 6. It was relased January 2007 online only in the US. not sure about elsewhere. Do you have that issue? thanks

I’m not sure if I quite follow you.

Maybe you misunderstood my post? Basically what I meant is that the Ignition #6 Comic does exist in a printed version - in German.
I don’t know anything about its English version and don’t have its English version - only the German one.

Does that answer your question?

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Thanks. There are multiple series of Bionicle Magazines, Ignition being only one of them. Others include City of Legends, Battle for Power, Glatorian. I didn’t see the word “ignition” on your cover, and the title art does not look like the ignition series, so I thought it was part of a different series. However, I can see the contents are the same as Ignition and the date is Jan 2007, so perhaps the series titles were different in other countries. Thanks again!