Bionicle Ignition: Island of Doom Film Poster/Box Art

Some images of what I imagine my 2-hour film’s poster and/or box art would look like.



I’d watch it

Well guess what?

you CAN!


I’m not kidding. Try getting Lego’s permission to release this. It’s the 15th anniversary of Bionicle and the 10th anniversary of the Island of Doom series. It’d be perfect!

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(insert Michal Jackson popcorn gif here)

I got you man.

This looks great.
It also reminded me to watch the movie.
So I will do that soon…


I gave my Review of it on the full Movie topic
but here are some bullet points

Good Animation

somewhat above great Voice Acting

It Feels Rushed

The Olsi is just the Metru Green Glatiorians mask just altered

Animation seems a bit Hannah Barbara-ish (shows manly torso shots and loops some walking animation from what I can see)

Has Hewki do a Vakama where he gets his powers just before he aims at a bad guy


No i was beat again I’m loosing my title.

That was a great movie @BionicleN17. Thanks you for making it.

I have an idea how about putting in some Easter eggs in too your next movie?

This film was awesome.
Are you doing a mahri nui film?

This looks like an old DVD/VHS box art thing and I love it.

Nice homemade look.
I can dig it.