BIONICLE IGNITION: Island of Doom Trailer

A trailer for my upcoming full-length film, which will tell the entire Bionicle 2006 year in the form of stop motion.


I’m not gonna lie, this looks better than Origins. Not only is there a full cast of Voice Actors, but it also seems like there is more action than its predecessor.


Another reason why August is going to be a great month.


Oh man, I’m hyped for this!

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The Mnog soundtrack at the end tho


This looks really interesting!

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This is really cool. Can’t wait to see the entire thing :smile:

oh my god that looks awesome

I…I am living hype.

Good luck!

looks great

A nice display of content and quality.
And it’s releasing in three weeks!

I look for it with interest.

Zaktan sounds like a Pirate Captain :smile:


dat greenscreen skills.

I love the voice acting though.

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Can’t wait.

Can I still make Bionicle: Ignition Parts 1 and 2? Y’know, that thing I haven’t announced?

This is really great looking. Can’t wait to see the final product.

from what I’ve seen so far, looks pretty good still

Just saw the Movie and…well…its good…but then it feels very rushed

the story arc about the mask powers are underplayed with Hewki just taking Vakamas role of having his mask power last.

the Umbra confrontation could have been better and longer if it was a Episodic series
the redesigns are great but it does not make sense if they do not look as what we saw in the comics or VNOG

also the Animation is a bit Lackluster only moving a bit of the time Because nearly everyones legs are off screen they just shuffle through which is a bit off putting since you dont have any way of telling that they are walking

and the Karzani mask is a nice try even tough you can buy one of Bricklink while this one is Vastus mask and the Vines coming off makes it Horrible and nothing near the original and more of a half mutated one

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Yeah know… You totally beat me to the punch lol.

Earlier this year I went and completed my Inika and Piraka collection, went and bought the books and comics just so I could make my own movie version of the Inika year since it is by far my most favorite sets. I died when I saw you beat me to it :frowning:
But regardless, good job dude. Looks interesting.