Bionicle in action trailer

This is a teaser video showcasing what to expect for the final product such as, never before seen MOC designs, and intense fighting sequences.

Might want to put the link in the body, rather than the title. Also, I’m pretty sure ads are against the rules until you get to Master.

Thanks for pointing that out.

No problem, but just to let you know, advertising your own stuff is against the rules until you get to Master rank. This post is probably gonna be banned, but for what it’s worth I did enjoy the animation!

Thanks! This is the first time I have ever did stuff on message boards, I just made a account a few minutes ago, and with that said, what is master rank?! And what do I do to get it? Btw I don’t think messonak, Said anything about advertising?

it’s kind of a badge you get to show you are one of the most active users on here.

Oooooooooh… Ok that makes sense. Thank you so much!

Promotions are master exclusive. However you could always participate in Chronicler’s Convergence.

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