Bionicle: Into The Takua-verse
“The multiverse grows as more Takanuvas appear in the main universe, from different dimensions and scenarios.”
“One who never split from Makuta Terridax and mastered Light and Shadow to become the most powerful being in the Matoran universe”
“One who’s world where the Rahi that cured Av-Matoran from the shadow leeches never existed and now lives in a constant struggle of Light and Shadow”
“One from a world much like the main universe, but where created with different designs.”
“One that shouldn’t exist but simply does for an unknown reason.”
“And one that has begun his journey far earlier than expected.”

My final art piece for the year, this year has been pretty big for my art career. not only have i improved a lot, i have also gotten quite the following that i am extremely proud of. This is a celebration of that, and is by far my best one yet.

each of the Takuas are: Takutanuva, 08 Takanuva, Takanuva designed by Rube who gave me permission to use the design, Lego Movie 2 Takanuva, and Takua.


Reminds me of the shot I did for my Takua builds. Really like how you designed Takutanuva though, he’s looking great.

That Takutanuva redesign is great!

Yes very nice
The premise behind this is neat

V nice

Is this an actual comic that gonna be made by you

no, just something i wanted to do for the end of the year. don’t have a lot of personal time and motivation atm for something that big

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Takanuva really got the short end of the stick. Not only he got his light half-sucked from him, he got stuck travelling through the multiverse for a long time, saw himself die and got like a dozen of his evil alternative selves.

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yeah, he basically did the Multiverse of Madness as a side quest whilst the rest of the toa did the main quest without him.

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These all look great.

Very nice