BIONICLE is Officially Cancelled

This is what happens when your the largest toy company in the world. You play it safe in fear that you might lose a small profit of you fail. But instead Lego plaid it safe and got a slightly larger profit lost.


How do we know that for sure?


We may never know but what we do know is that Lego never put enough faith into Bionicle.

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They may have also avoided a larger profit loss. Lego is a company with decades of experience, they don't make a decision without reason.


You made that? That was awesome! It was part of what got me into Bionicle again (alongside, ya know, G2).


Yep, took me about three hours in total after I had been thinking of jokes all day. I'm still staggered at the view count on it.


It's quite good for short! Good job with the ending there with "Move Along". Took me back when I thought the Inika are the coolest bionicle wave ever created.

Nexoknight is kinda fresh I guess with the blue and orange color scheme + scanning shields for the app game. I had a theory why they short plug Bionicle for Nexoknight and other themes. What I discuss with a Masterbuilder confirms my thoughts. They had to move the resources elsewhere and that may be a smartmove from them since everyone is saying that Bionicle sets weren't selling as much as system.

It was quite sad to see Bionicle G2 story being so "bland". (They are cliche personality and never got really any character development which G1 had.) The cartoon they had for G2 is just aiming way too low. It felt like a cartoon that 4-5 year old children would watch. Unlike G1 which I felt was more marketed towards older kids 8-11 year old.

I just feel back in my day, when you own a set of Bionicle and you know its lore, you have a reputation on the school ground.

Children and teens these days are just way too different and I have trouble to speak with them. Almost all of them play Dota, LoL or something like that. I went back last year to my highschool to help out the robotic competion team. The students ask me what I like, while I do like pc gaming but my pc is way too old to play any recent game, I still play and pose my lego bionicle sets. What I got called?

"Wait WHAT? You still play with Lego... Are you a kid?"

So, does that mean Lego, by today's standards, is consider only as a kid toy?

By no mean, I've ever think of Lego this way. Lego was always one of the tools I use to make my imagination a reality. It helped me greatly in 3D visualization and allowing me to build real world objects from desk to robots faster since I can visually approximate how the parts would assemble. All of which Lego had me learn it at some point or another.

Which all of this leads to this question: How different kids of today are compared to us? All I can see is the existence of Ipad replace the need for a toy, they don't even have to learn what's internet. But how's their mindsets? That's the thing I'm left puzzled.

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It's officially the 19th in my time zone! Happy G2 day!


Good thought

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You know, it gets a little annoying when people talk about G1 fanboys like they're a majority, or even a large group at all. From what I've seen, they're an incredibly small minority, who happens to be fairly vocal. G2 fanboys are the same way. There aren't exactly a massive number of them, they're just very vocal. Let's stop blaming people in the community for G2's ending, because they really, REALLY had very little to do with it. The biggest reason is kids didn't buy the sets. I'm gonna doubt most of those kids even saw our community, and those that did would more than likely have been encouraged, not discouraged, to buy the 2015-2016 sets.

I hate elitism and blind naivety as much as the next person, but even though they're scourges on the community, they're minor blemishes by comparison to all the wonder and beauty we have to offer. It's time to stop blaming. It's time to stop shaming. It's time to start creating.


Yeah there the reason our community is getting smaller.

Kid's don't like playing toys anymore.
Combined with little to no marketing.
ended g2
There is no chance for a g3.


I don't know about that. Not anytime soon, sure, but with the recent announcement that LEGO hasn't been able to make enough toys to meet demand, and had to scale up, I've come to understand the 'Business Decision' more. As Tweets from LEGO said, BIONICLE sold 'well'. So maybe they were happy with what it was doing, and it was turning a profit, but just not much compared to Star Wars or NinjaGo. So, while it did disappoint and anger us, they decided to can BIONICLE again for the exact reason they did the first time- to end it while it was selling well so they can bring it back sometime in the future. And then at that point in the future it'll have learned from the mistakes of G1 and G2 and G3 could become a really big thing again.

Now, I am naturally an optimist, so this is the way I've decided to look at it. It may be completely wrong, but that's how I see it.


According to an article:

They actually want to reduce sales.

Here's my opinion. If "G3" consisted of one or two, maybe three our four, waves of adult-aimed, collector-marketed, largish scale "nostalgia sets" - i.e. BIONICLE Stars but OVER 9000! times better - I'd want it to be a thing. It'd probably be the first time I ever put considerable effort into getting everything I could as quickly as I could. It could be amazing. If this were the case, I'd want G3 to exist.

Problem is, that's very improbable. If G3 were to exist, it would most likely be almost identical to G2, with a story either slightly better or slightly worse. That's what I think would come of it. Thus, I don't think G3 should be a thing, ever. Lego needs to come up with something new and fresh for the future, and (never thought I'd say this) BIONICLE has had its run. It's over, and should stay that way. I'm personally glad that a BIONICLE G3 has practically no chance of ever happening.


So remember that JTO Vol 1. DVD with TLR stock images?

There's a Vol. 2 now


When will they release the deluxe double pack, also the lower bottom left gives a free lawsuit. But then again, it's filled with logo infringement.


Happy (belated by 1 hour) Birthday, BIONICLE! :smiley:

G2 is/was awesome and fun while it lasted! :slight_smile:

About that TJTO Vol. 2: Wow. :stuck_out_tongue: Whyyyyy do they have to put TLR stuff in there?! Why can't they just have G2 stuff? :cry::stuck_out_tongue:


Oh gosh.

That's just so much wrong.


If it was collectors which could happen IE release every g1 set in original canisters one last time at lego stores, or something and after that no more.
Then i'd be down
this won't happen though