Bionicle Kopaka Nuva Revamp/MOC

i based it loosely off of kopaka from mask of light


Is there any way you could feel that gap in his torso? Other then that it's a great revamp. But that's just an opinion, my opinion.

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I'm working on filling the gap

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While the gap in the torso detracts from the MOCs appearance, I do like the inclusion of waist articulation. Overall, it's a very cool MOC. :smile:

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thank you I'm working on the gap

I cried.


sorry his leg cracked i dropped it

Looks a little odd in the stomach area


why are

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why are so negative

Im not. Just saying, that the stomach looks a little odd, and might need a TINY bit of bulk. Otherwise the MOC is cool (pun not intended).


k sorry also good pun

also check out my toa gearix moc

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It's fine... also, the inclusion of waist articulation is very nice.
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Interesting, I like that you fixed the shield arm here because I really disliked the way the sets was.

maybe you could copy my revamp i want to know if you can figure the build out

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Idk, looks a lot like a girl..
I like it though!

Inb4 supposed to look like that.

Believe it or not, I use to think Kopaka was a girl.

I'm about to be feed to LOSS again aren't I.

On the whole it's simple but not bad,
but there are a lot of little things that bother me, like the build of the upper arm, the way the lower arm is facing, the random blue on the legs, the grey on the shield, and the armor on the waist making it look backwards.

Needs some fairly easy fixes.