Bionicle lamia

I’m not sure why but I wanted to make a lamia. I figured for a cold blooded monster ice fit the best so I built this.

And becuase I can; legged form


Assault hug!

The crystal pads at the… hip area, I guess… kinda just hang there, looking OOP, and the torso is very lacking.




I don’t think you fully understand how being cold blooded works…

The snek half looks pretty good, but the people half is kinda, badly thought out, for example, the paw piece would have worked perfectly as a chest, rather than the sort of hunchback thing it currently has going on.

obligatory monmusu reference


It’s G2 Metus! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool concept but needs refining as other have said

Like others have said, the concept is good but the torso feels very unfilled out and empty.

It is a Rahi, a Toa, or both?

I don’t really like the hip armour, it just hangs there and looks like itty bitty legs. Adding some armour to the underside of the tail base wouldn’t hurt either. Otherwise, its a pretty neat MOC.

You know how some snakes, particularly species of pythons and boa constrictors have vestigial spurs for legs?

That’s what the leg armor reminds me of. Except that the “legs” needs to be small, clawed, and kind of difficult to see. I’m not really fond of the base of the tail, I feel that it is too open and needs to be covered up. As others said, the torso is open and needs to be filled out more too.

Would there be a chance that you could give this MOC some sort of function? Not all MOCs have to have functions, but it really increases the playability of them to have one. Even if it’s the simple arm swinging function that a lot of the Toa had, it would be nice. You don’t have to do this, but it’s just a personal preference of mine.