Bionicle Legacy Book #1 - "Into the Shadows"

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The sound of a rusty copper bell rang through the musty air. A well-built decent sized figure clad in dark green armor stepped into the small disorganized shop. Ancient weapons crowded the floor, while armor of all kinds lined the shelves on all four walls. In the very back laid a fogged up counter being slowly wiped by an Onu-Matoran who was humming a soft tune. The matoran raised his eyes at the sound of the being’s footsteps.

“Well, well” he said. “If it isn’t my favorite captain of the Half-Toa, Kalrix”

“You know for a fact that I’m the only captain of the Half-Toa,” replied Kalrix with a smile. “How’s business?”

“Terrible,” said the matoran with a look of disgust. “No more people on Obliti Nui have a need for weapons or armor, with the Half-Toa around.”

Kalrix responded with a nod. He quickly turned his head to the left, and then to the right as if ignoring the conversation.

“What’s the matter?” asked the matoran.

“Listen, Runix,” started Kalrix. “You were the only matoran I know whoever dared to converse with the captain of the Half-Toa. The only one!”

“Something tells me, you didn’t just come down here to just buy something,” Runix said with a chuckle.

“Listen, this is serious! You are the only one I am going to tell this too. Runix, something is going to happen, tonight. Something you can’t fight against, or protect yourself from.”

“Wait, how do you know this?!”

“Runix, listen to me. Forget about your shop, your possessions. Just run, head anywhere else on Obliti Nui. The jungle, the mountains, Mata Nui! Even the forbidden swamp would be a better place.”

“What-What are you saying Kalrix!? Just to leave my stuff and my home and go into the wilderness?”

“Yes Runix, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Hurry now, there’s still a few hours till when it happens!”

Kalrix got up from the counter and started walking to the door.

With confused eyes Runix watched him go."

“What did I just tell you!” shouted Kalrix. “Don’t delay! Start packing already!”

“What about you? You can’t just leave all of this city’s inhabitants to die!”

“Runix, some people in this world just deserve to die!” Kalrix shouted back with anger filled eyes.

Kalrix paced out of the shop, leaving a shocked Runix wondering if his friend had just went mad.

Kalrix, as he walked towards the city, mumbled to himself, “Come midnight, this city will be up in flames.” He paused. Hurry Runix, and may Mata Nui watch over you Kalrix thought. It would kill me if I was responsible for your death.


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