Bionicle Legacy Wiki Topic

For the Unofficial Bionicle Continuation Project. We are developing a wiki, right now it only features Canon, as well as being incomplete but can you please leave your thoughts about it so far and how to improve it.


Do you want me to make a version of the logo with a transparent background?

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That would be a good idea.


@CaptainOfTheGuard Could you put it on the wiki? Or anyone?

They have a weird white border when they’re put on the website for some reason, so I made a different version:


If only the sign-up was still open, this is probs something I’d like to join.

Is this your account?


So…how’s the project going?

Its going fine. But slow because of people being at school

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Alright, I just updated the wiki with a massive organizing project: figuring out what the 89 pages actually consist of and sorting them into categories such as:

  • Villians (Any anti-villager characters)
  • Villagers (Protectors, past and present, plus any other named villager.
  • Heroes (The Toa, Mask Makers, and Creatures)
  • Places (Any location)

Any constructive feedback or comments?

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