BIONICLE: Legends (fan - continuation) Generation 2.5

So when Bionicle Generation 2 ended I felt that there was still a lot to be desired. However I also felt that the island of Okoto still offered a unique story setting. So I took it upon myself to create a new story, taking place thousands of years after the events of gen 2, combining elements from gen 1 and gen 2, and implementing several plot points speculated by the community during the run of gen 2 :wink:

BIONICLE: Legends, introduces a brand new cast of characters while also bringing back several old characters as well.

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

BIONICLE: Legends Wiki -

BIONICLE: Legends Book 1-


Hi @J_Au,

Since this is advertising a fan project, you need to reach Master rank before you make a topic to advertise it on this site. Let me or another mod know if you reach Master rank and we can open this back up for you.

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