BIONICLE Letter Symbols

Since these proved to be very popular on my Tumblr, might as well post them here too.

I decided to play around with the Matoran alphabet by stacking letters on top each other, creating new symbols. It was fun so I decided to create symbols for the Toa Mata (and Makuta) based on their names. Think they turned out well and decided to post them here. Vaguely reminds me of gallifreyan symbols.

All Matoran letters are taken from BIOSECTOR01.

Individual links:
1. Gali
2. Kopaka
3. Lewa
4. Makuta
5. Takanuva
6. Tahu
7. Onua
8. Pohatu


Lewa's symbol is a mess :stuck_out_tongue:

They all kinda look like crop circles

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I like them, they look simple, but good.

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Pretty neat idea, I like the look of these.

I just noticed.

All the Toa symbols connect, except for Onua.

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These look really cool

I really like these, and i would love to see more of them. (though eventualy these would probably start to look like a real mess with some of the longer names)

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This is actually a pretty creative concept! The coloring on the symbols look nice as well.