Bionicle: Mask of Imitation (A completed book.)

Toa Kasai here. Better known as BionicSonic in Biotube, creator of the “Bionicle: Chronicles of Darkness” series on Biotube.

Bionicle: Mask of Imitation, is my G2 book, it takes place immediately after the 2015 story, up to the end of the 2016 story, with added story details. I wrote it to fit with cannon.

Mask of Imitation focuses on the formation of the Toa Koreta, an honorary Toa team, and their transition into the Okotan Guardians, after their masters sacrificed themselves. Mask of Imitation is also the prequel for my Youtube series “Bionicle: Chronicles of Darkness” It’s the origin story for the main characters.

I will be posting the entire story here on the boards, two chapters at a time. But if you want to read it now, then you can here: Bionicle: The Mask of Imitation - Bionic Kasai - Wattpad


I certainly prefer this read to your “animations” - It’s very enjoyable and goes at a decent paste.

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Hey, If you need a better cover PM me.

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This cover was made for me by my girlfriend, so I’m gunna keep this one.

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I have to respect that you took the time to write this.

I just lack the time to read it and make a thought out comment based in it.