Bionicle Minecraft Builds Topic

With Biocraft just around the corner, it is obvious that many of us are getting hyped for the amazingly crafted Mata Nui island by the hands of none other than our very own TTV cast.

However, this topic is made to celebrate what sort of Bionicle-related accomplishments you’ve managed to construct. - I personally tried many, MANY times to make Bara Magna, sadly, I gave up after finishing Vulcanus… It was too demanding.

So - what have you built related to Bionicle?

((Mods, feel free to shut it down if there is a topic like this already, I couldn’t find one.))


I made a giant statue of Takua’s mask once.

Well I was making a Bionicle Hunger Games but sadly stopped at a half made village I even had little matoran walking around looking like they were talking to each other and at the spawn points there were LEGO bricks representing the toa and Mata Nui

I attempted to make the Great Spirit Robot one. I managed to finish everything but one leg, an arm, and the head. After that, I just gave up on it.

Still sounds pretty epic

I just got Minecraft, so we’ll see what happens :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been working on this for over a year now. Progress has been sparse due to lacking inspiration/interest, but it’s a thing I plan to complete eventually.

I’m not sure I’d recommend seriously playing the current(ly released) version as the masks are kind of buggy, but I do think it looks pretty decent.

(obligatory no pics- no clicks compensation)