BIONICLE Minecraft Skins

Can't wait to see it!

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These are really nice and got me to finally get a skin in minecraft.
They all look fantastic!

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@Jack_Frost Thank you for the kind words, glad you enjoy them! Any suggestions for future skins I may work on?

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Maybe the barraki?

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@Jack_Frost I did get a request for Ehlek, so a full Barraki line is certainly in the plans, wish granted. Also set on doing the Piraka soon as well!



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I think it might be interesting to see some of the concepts in the new Bionicle artbook translated into skins.


@ReeseEH I'll be sticking with the physical sets first, but once they're all done I'll gladly give some of the concept art a go!

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Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a safe night!

To kick this new year off, I've uploaded some new skins! The full lineup of the Toa Mata and Nuva (minus Takanuva) are complete! I've given them a full redesign since their last versions were the first I had done and weren't very detailed. But that's a thing of the past! They've got detail coming out the wazoo now.

Also as per request, I spruced up Lesovikk and uploaded the skin! Go nuts @PotatoAlien

As always, if anyone has any comments or requests, feel free to leave them here for me to see!

Hunter these skins are AMAZING! The best Bionicle skins I've seen in a while. Any plans on doing the 2015 masters or the 2016 uniters?

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@Vexus_Prime I actually was the first person to make skins of the 2015 Masters, I posted them on Planet Minecraft in 2014 when the leaks first came out haha. I'll be remaking them and posting them here after all the G1 stuff probably. Thank you for the kind words by the way!

i have a kongu mahri skin i made some time ago currently. sadly i Believe my mother deleted it from her computer so now the only way i´ll be able to keep it is by having it on my character at all times. does anyone know if there is any way i can retrieve this skin?

Sorry dude. Probably not :frowning: Unless you uploaded it to a website you can download it from.

@Toatrex this isn't really a topic for support and that kinda stuff...BUT - you can go to any MC skin viewing site, type in your username, and boom, download! I suggest Skindex or MinersNeedCoolShoes

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managed to get the skin from minersneedcoolshoes

i remember this skin took two evenings to make.

Just popping in for a quick visit, but out of curiosity would anyone be interested if I continued making these skins again?

Hope everyone’s doing well!

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I would like to have these skins continue with ones to represent takanuva, teridax, the piraka, mata nui, and the glatorian.