BIONICLE Minecraft Skins

Hello everyone!
I’m Hunter, some of you may know me as HunterBlackbrick, AncientInfinity, Dreadnox, etc. I’ve been a member on this site for about 2 years and I honestly forgot about it for the most part.
Intro aside, let’s get to the topic at hand!

A lot of us play Minecraft, yeah? Yeah.
What do you use in Minecraft to make yourself look unique to yourself and others? Skins!
Why are we here? BIONICLE!
Mash that all together and you’ll get a nice heaping portion of BIONICLE themed Minecraft Skins!

"But Hunter, I can make my own skin or use this one that is a single flat color made by JimbobManguy! Why do I need yours??"
WELL random internet friend, I’m glad you asked! I’ve been a Bionicle fan since it all started like many of us, and one day it came to my attention that while there are a bunch of Bionicle skins for Minecraft, there aren’t a whole lot of accurate detailed ones.

I sat down and spent some time making a whole slew of skins for you all to enjoy and I plan on making many more! I’ll be posting the files to download or view most of my previously made skins below (a lot of which I plan on remaking so stay tuned)

If you have any comments or requests please leave them for me to see as I’d love to hear from you all!


Tahu - Mata: Nuva: Mistika:
Gali - Mata: Nuva: Mistika:
Lewa - Mata: Nuva: Phantoka:
Pohatu - Mata: Nuva: Phantoka:
Onua - Mata: Nuva: Mistika:
Kopaka - Mata: Nuva: Phantoka:
Takanuva - Nuva: Titan:

Vakama - Metru: Hordika:
Nokama - Metru: Hordika:
Matau - Metru: Hordika:
Onewa - Metru: Hordika:
Whenua - Metru: Hordika:
Nuju - Metru: Hordika:

Jaller - Inika: Mahri:
Hahli - Inika: Mahri:
Kongu - Inika: Mahri:
Hewkii - Inika: Mahri:
Nuparu - Inika: Mahri:
Matoro - Inika: Mahri:

Unsorted (Will be sorted later)
Lhikan - Mangai:
Norik - Hagah:
Iruini - Hagah:

Heat Vision:


Hey Hunter,

I’m gonna ask that either you host the skins on this site, or have this topic taken down. Linking to an external site can be considered a form of advertising, and since Minecraft skins are just images anyway, I see no reason why they can’t go here.



Of course, I was gonna do that but I wasn’t on my computer at the time so I was unable to access my files. I’ll be sure to fix that.

How do you overlay the mask on the head? I can’t seem to figure that out.

What do you mean?

Whenever I use one, the head is exposed and no mask appears.

Do you have all of the skin layers turned on in-game? Check your settings

Ah, I’ll have to play around with those then.

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Let me know if that fixes it

Hunter, respect

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Dang, this looks like a really cool idea! Would you be able to post some in-game screenshots showing off a few of the skins?


I was wondering, have you ever attempted a rahkshi skin?

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I haven’t but if there’s interest I’d definitely be up to making some!

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I would like to see you make a rahkshi skin.

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@legomaster1378 I’ll get some pics posted tonight :wink:

@Zero I’ll be sure to work on one soon! Keep your eyes out for it!

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Hey everyone just an update post. I haven’t beenon the computer in a few days but I’ll get back to posting more skins soon. Does anyone have any requests? I plan on remaking my Mata/Nuva skins next as they were the first I did and I think they’re due for an update. Might go in and redo some color palettes too on the others Idk.

But yeah, requests.
Right now I have requests for a friend’s self-moc, Barraki Ehlek, ans Rahkshi. If anyone else has a request please let me know!

I’d like to see you do Lesovikk.

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@PotatoAlien I’ve gotcha covered. Already have him done and posted on Planet Minecraft but I need to update his color palette so it’s uniform with the more realistic updated palette that I’m using now.

Posting some new skins today so stay tuned! Also gonna take a crack at redesigning my Mata/Nuva skins so I can get those posted. Mistika/Phantoka are done so I’ll get to posting those today too
@Zero Rahkshi skins incoming later today
@PotatoAlien Lesovikk incoming today as well

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Thanks. Another Christmas present. Tho digital.

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