Bionicle MMO anyone?

It’s a good Idea. Creat your own Toa, go on quests and stuff. Whadya think?


Actually I had a few ideas that I would like to share about a Bionicle game that I’ve been imagining, but I’ll say them tomorrow. To tired to type a wall of text. :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, here is part one of the promised wall of text:

The perfect Bionicle game in my eyes would have a massive open world, maybe one of the main islands like Mata Nui, or maybe somewhere on Spherus Magna after the defeat of Teridax. The location doesn’t matter for now. What matters is the gameplay.

To create a character, you would pick a race: Toa, or some pre-determined bad guy race. If you pick Toa, you get to pick one of the already existing elements to go with your Toa, and also a unique color scheme to match it. You would pick a starting Kanohi out of six, and you would keep that one until you gain another. (More on Kanohi later) After that, you enter the game and the story begins.

Now, being a form of Bionicle media, this game would have to have massive amounts of world building. There would have to be interesting characters, interesting settings, and an intriguing story. A best case scenario would be an MNOG level of “I’m in a place I don’t recognize, I’m kind of scare- oh look. A Matoran. I think I’ll go talk to him/her”. The story itself would have to be either very rich, or very mysterious until the very end, in which case you can go back to previous locations and find pieces of lore you didn’t know were there.

Mechanics: A main gameplay ability would be the player’s elemental power of choice. This would be the thing most used in combat, and if you were caught with low elemental energy, (that could also be a thing) you’d be in trouble. Each element could have a certain style of play attached to it. Fire could be for aggressive, up close and personal players. Ice could be for strategists and planners, or something. (I’m just throwin stuff out there)

Kanohi Masks would play an equally big part in gameplay as elemental powers. They would carry your secondary ability, which would definitely have a recharge meter or something similar. Some would have passive abilities too, like always getting an audio alert when an invisible enemy is nearby when you wear a Rode.


It could be like Destiny and you can use elemental powers, and you can shoot with a gun, and maybe even use a sword

As long as it isn’t a terrible theme park MMO like every one out there, it’d be cool.

MMO? No. Single Player game with Multiplayer content? …Maybe. I would want character customization to be INSANE. As in, you build your character using any parts available from BIONICLE and Technic. A huge database to choose from. You can “Test drive” it, to make sure the animations are working properly. Choose your character, your Kanohi, your powers, and then design your weapons in a similar fashion. Go on quests, help people (Or destroy them) Create new Rahi in a Spore-like creation manner, and then put them on the Steam Workshop (If it got to Steam). Play with friends, or find huge megaservers. etc, etc if you HAVE to play in an MMO…


Toa Art Online. 'Nuff said.

I love that anime! Toa art online… Maybe… Great Spirit Online!

I had an idea a while back about building a whole matoran village, or matoran slave castle, and protecting it or not if you’re good or bad. As a toa, you can start as a Mata, and keep evolving like pokemon, just requiring 10 levels to evolve your toa to, in this case, Nuva, and then Metru, Hordika, where you can become the bad guy, Inika, Mahri, Phantoka, Mistika, Star(Bigger and better from the sets), and then Turaga for the village thing. You have unique enemies and masks for every evolution. At the end, before becoming Turaga, Hero Factory makes a short appearance. Kinda good I guess, but it needs a better story.

The evolution there doesn’t make sense. The Hordika were weaker than the Metru, the Nuva have abilities that the others don’t, the Phantoka and Mistika are simply adapted forms of the Nuva, and the Stars were just Tahu Mata and normal Takanuva.


I guess so, you’re right, but it might be cool

This is absolutely awesome! I love the idea of mask powers.

I think it’d be a bit difficult to fit a bunch of random toas in with the lore, then again with the reboot coming we don’t know what they could be doing with it.

It’s an interesting concept and with all the different elements and something like Mask powers could add a significant variety to the game, i’m all for it but I doubt TLG would even consider investing in such a project with the recent DC and Marvel cash cow games.

@exxtrooper Hello, I’m big fan of your work at TTV anyhow…I do not think it would be that hard to fit it even in the old lore, perhaps setting the MMO in Toa Empire universe would be interesting and possible because there most of the Toa still live…or as you said, in the reboot…we do not know how many Toa might be out there… However, as mentioned, that is purely fantasy…lego would never invest in MMO based on Bionicle…

Would be a good idea. Taking place on Spherus Magna maybe?

I’ll join as Matoro. Level up to 100, become a toa. Then sacrifice myself to destroy the final party boss in the game.

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I think I’d rather have an RPG than an MMO. Basically take BIONICLE: Heroes and stick it in an open world with dialogue. And change the combat. I think that would be perfect.