Bionicle MOC: 5cr4p-B0t

On a far away colony planet a worn out robot endo-skeleton was thrown into a junkyard for recycling since it was not worth changing it's damaged parts, might as well get a new one. So it's hard-drive was erased and shut down sent to the nearest processing plant which for now placed it in it's separate junkyard where they kept old and out dated models. One night the robot's body turned on and along with it the AI that was controlling it, confused and not understanding why is he here or how did he get here. The robot started to walk but soon noticed the many flaws and errors his components had that were displayed on it's screen. Soon he noticed how many spare parts were around him and he began to modify himself to "survive". Eventually he got back to fully capacity, in a sense, and when realizing what this place was he did his best to hide, having a small hidden hideout, his sanctuary if you will.

This guy is also a re-imagening of an old creation I built a while back, after this MOC I gave the year the name year of rebirth since I have started remaking older MOCs since the start of the year.


Love its complexity and scrapyard look. Though its legs are very spindly in comparison to its bulky body and arms

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loce it. This mech/robot reminds me of the glory days of biotube and bionicle mocing. looks cool

Love the head. Absolutely love it. The rest of the MOC is a tad bit problematic. The whole thing seems spindly. I'm curious as to whether it falls over a lot. That aside, I love the hands and thighs.

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It's very stable actually, but I can see your point