Bionicle MOC: Akrida

About the MOC
Akrida is Greek for Grasshopper(Spelled ακρίδα and pronounced Akrilla). I went with Greek because in ancient Greece the Grasshopper was a sign of nobility and wisdom. In Chinese culture the grasshopper is seen as an omen of fertility and good luck, especially in having a son, which is highly valued in Chinese families. Though I liked the Greek name more so Akrida it is.

The inspiration for Akrida came over time. After dismantling Relik I had the idea to build a Steampunk themed frog with a rider. After considering that several MOCers have made frogs before, like Welcometothedarksyde's Wrebbit, I thought on what else I could make that would fit the concept and I thought of a grasshopper. Then I looked up “Bionicle Grasshopper” and more generically “bionicle insect” on various places and found that no one had built a grasshopper yet(at least that I found), so that settled it for me. I’m still debating on whether or not I want to make a rider for this thing. Its wasn’t exactly built with having a rider in mind. Though that’s sort of how I would go about it, create animal->build saddle around animal, just like real life. If I do make a rider for it, I’ve already got some ideas on how to make the saddle so that it “fits” the Grasshopper mount. The rider itself is still a mystery to me.

canonical note
Biosector01 mentions a “Grasshopper-like” rahi that Takua fights in Ga-wahi. While no other mention of any Grasshopper creatures are mentioned, there is at least one canonical Grasshopper Rahi in the bionicle universe. The Wiki also refers to them as “cliff Bug” which I will say is what they’re commonly referred to in the bionicle world by sentient being.

"Cliff Bugs as they’re more commonly referred to are insect-like rahi that inhabit a few different territories within the Matoran Universe and Spherus Magna(post migration). They can be found in wet bioms like Ga-wahi, and the swamps of Le-wahi.  They typically like moist well vegetated areas.
Akrida are a unique type of Cliff Bug in that they grow substantially larger than average cliff bugs. This makes them much more formidable in the wild and moves them higher up on the food chain. Akrida are favored amongst the Le-Matoran who like to make use of animal mounts where ever possible. Some Le-matoran prefer to ride Gukko birds, but some prefer Akrida for their ability to traverse land, while also being able to leap great distances to the point that it almost seems like they can fly as well. Smaller cliff bugs can fly, but due to their larger size, Akrida cannont. Because both rahi are kept in stables and captivity, they co-habitate quite peacefully and often times form bonds.
Being Herbivores, they don’t attack other animals unless provoked. Though when they are, they make a loud hissing noise as a warning. They will bite with their large mandibles and attack with the spikes on the back of their legs. Neither of these are meant for attacking prey so they’re not lethal per say, but can still cause injury or death in extreme situations. Average Cliff bugs are preyed on quite often by most other rahi in the wild. Akrida are still prone to being preyed on, but a lot less due to their relative size and ability to leap great distances. This keeps them alive most of the time. Only truly apex predators stand a chance of making Akridas a meal.

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This is great!

You even named him after me!

A Kretta!


Really great MOC! I would buy this if it was a real set. :slight_smile:

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AWESOME!!! :smiley:
Why are you so good at making MOCs ? : (

This is an incredible MOC. I look forward to seeing more of yours.

@Kretta LOL

Thanks. A lot would have to change if Lego made this a set. Just look at how much the Exo suit was changed from the original idea to the set. Lego sets have to be all official and I used plenty of connections they would never go for. :stuck_out_tongue:


I dunno? Lots of practice, investment and patience? Google Images helped a lot to. XD

@UmbraManis Thanks. I look forward to making more MOCs. :smile:


Wow… jus World of warcraft…

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Wow! That’s really well done… Wow. That looks amazing and really complicated.

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This looks freakin amazing.

(Also, I did not know some of those pieces came in teal)

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I really love this MOC! I’ve always wanted to make a grasshopper myself, but I’ve never gotten the pieces to do so.

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Astonishing MOC. Reminds me of an improved version of the Kirikori Nui.


Thanks everyone. Your comments are very appreciated. :slight_smile: :heart:

@LelouchViBritannia First of all NICE name. XD Code Geass was one of the few Mech animes I liked. Secondly, you might want to look again or check your monitor, there’s no Teal on this MOC at all. Its either the lighting or your monitor.

@Collector I tried clicking on the link but it says the page either does not exist or is private. shrug

I don’t know how that could be. The link works just like a charm to me.

Is it your page? If its yours then it won’t matter if its private. I dunno then.

It’s not working for me either…

Sorry if the link’s not working for you all. This is my first time I’ve actually created a successful hyperlink. I’ll see what I can do.

EDIT:I’ve updated the link. Please tell me it works or not.

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I think it must be the lighting, cause I see teal parts on one picture and the same parts in green on the other.

Looks cool but I would probably be very scared if I saw it

3rdeye, you NEVER fail to amaze with these mocs!

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We need a Kamen Rider to go with it, I’m think Ichigo, Black, or Black RX,

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This is really amazing! This has to be one of my all time favorite MOCs I’ve ever seen! I really like how the trans blue works with the green and gold!