Bionicle MOC: Angel Iraak

For @Creep

This is Iraak,with his elemental whips.
I don't really know in what category on angels he'd fall into,but anyway.

more pictures:


Very unique design.

Though I am baffled as to how you managed to connect those Inika shoulders on those CCBS bones


@Rockho thanks! the inika shoulder are just attached on the balljoints. with a bit of forcing it can fit there

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Why would you stress the parts?

That is the worst case of an illegal build that i've seen to date!

jk, you can do whatever


i don't really ''stress'' the part
it's just hard to put it on.

Now he definitly belongs to the council! Elemental Whips are preety unique idea, and I already know how his spectral wings would look like! I do agree with stressing the parts, yet he looks nice, so I can Get over it. Anywho its yout angel and design! I can just make position and some background info c:

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It might interest you to know you have 29 MOC topics

This tells me three things
A: You need a universal MOC topic :o
B: You MOC a lot.....
C: Your MOC turnover rate is utterly massive O_o


I like the idea of the elemental whips smile

very unique, I like it

@Creep Thank you! Yeah,It'd be cool c:

@Ekorak I have a lot of free time

@StudentScissorsLeaker thanks!

@Middlefingerstudios thank you!