Bionicle MOC: Aveeccious

I just built him, and he is one of my favourites. Since i am still developing the final stages of my story, i am not going to reveal his backstory just yet. also, this is my first experience with Technic pieces newer than 2008. please give critiques, but i am getting back into moccing, so dont be too harsh smile

size comparison(keep in mind roodaka is tallllllll)


well, he's very thin. the back is also weird

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reminds me of a halo grunt


which part- the pistons or the spike or the jaller mahri chestplate?
I guess thats not a good thing haha

I feel the need to get a DMR. And prepare my Mjolnir armor.

the spike


He's got an odd shape, but I like it. The only issue I have is the gold toes on the Piraka feet, though I understand that's probably due to part shortage. smile

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@Calvatron i had no spike on for a while, and it was kind of boring. i wanted to make the back unique, but i'll agree the spike needs some work

@Political_Slime yeah i wanted the silver tipped feet or the pure black ones, but i only have one silver-black one stuck_out_tongue


I'm sorry I don't know the meaning of this

The MOC is quite nice, actually. The feet really irk me, because of the gold, though, and the hands are way too big for the rest of it. If you removed the textured armor such as the chestplate, and fixed it up with some nice, smooth armor, though, this would be quite amaze.

i just meant dont b super blunt and say its terribad or somethin. i dunno.
i wanted to change the feet to silver tipped but dont have any :frowning:
i might switch the inika armour with some HF armour tho

And thanks man