Bionicle MOC: Bolvar - The Forge Master

When I saw the fire sword I thought that it could light up because of the black pin that looks like a button.

I got to say this is pretty great!
But the red and the blue pins are exposed.

Oh, wow. So many comments :blush:


The lower legs and left arm were supposed to look like replacements, but if I get more orange pieces then I will definitely add them on to the upper leg area. I might get a bricklink order for some of those and a different krana (I don’t like that one either…)

so yeah, I’ll be making some changes sometime :smile:


When I make the upgrade with thous orange pieces I’ll try to clean the MOC up a bit. thanks for the input.


Mmm… I love this moc. The asymmetry looks good, the Krana-helmet looks AMAZING, and all his weapons are totally cool.

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Thanks man :smile:

This MOC is really good and the krana-helmet thing is really creative!

Pulls out baseball bat

Looks like I’m going to have to teach someone a lesson…

Oh no you don’t, not on my topic


holy crap that looks awesome



I would suggest another Krana, though. The Xa would be neat. It would make him look like he has a breathing mask because of the hot fumes from the forge.

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This guy really looks like a big brute who can handle these weapons you have made. The hands are a bit too revealing but i am not too bothered by it.

i love this MOC. i really cannot find anything that i’d consider a flaw.
great work!

The asymmetry is pulled off greatly and I especially like the way you used the Krana. My only issue is that the orange could be spread a bit more.

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Beautiful, I love it…

I love the green sword

love the overall design but the head looks like its about to fall out

While usually not a fan of asymmetry, I do really like the design choice of having his arms be two different colors. I also love how you combined a Krana with a Glatorian/HF helmet piece.